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Discussion in 'DIRECTV Connected Home' started by Contra, Jan 23, 2020.

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    So I needed to replace my router. When I tried to connect my HR24, it only found the 5G network (did not find the 2G I previously used). When I entered the password for the 5G network, it did not take. Called Tech Support, they walked me through it, still nothing. The next day the connection magically appeared! I could access On-Demand with no problem. But then the day after that it was gone and has not come back.

    Had a DTV tech come out, he replaced the Cinema Connection Kit, but aside from that, he couldn't figure out what to do to get it working. He said he normally has people use the 2G wherever possible for some reason. He said maybe when the router was set up, some ports had been blocked off and I should get the Cable company out here (they're my internet provider). I had the Cable guy come out, he said there were no ports blocked, everything looked fine with the router, but maybe the DTV tech was just lazy (!). I suppose I could ask DTV to send a more experienced tech guy out.

    A fix might be o get a Genie, but I wasn't really planning on spending any more money, my monthly bill is already way too high. Any thoughts on how to get my HR24 connected? I didn't think getting a new router would be such a problem for connecting my TVs.
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