New RVU Samsung TV-Wireless connection???

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    Oct 8, 2016
    In my house I have my main Genie (HR44) this comes in from the switch through a power inserter. I imagine that this is connected to my wireless network since no ethernet is running to the receiver. This is located in my basement media room. Then I have a coax going into a DECABB1MRO-01 plugged in to my wireless router with ethernet cable.

    Now upstairs in bedroom #1 I have an HR21 that is connect via coax to a DECA with an ethernet output to the receiver. I have the same setup in bedroom #2 to an HR22. My 4th TV is connect via a mini Genie in my dining room (this also has coax in and HDMI out to the TV). I can share all my recorded shows in every room due to the whole home DRV feature.

    I just bought a new Samsung that is Directv Ready (RVU). I placed this in my living room over my mantel on my fireplace. I cannot run ethernet or coax to this location. I plug in the TV and hit input and I can see the Directv RVU but it gives me a message that this needs to be a wired connection. Also I see 3 other inputs all reading as Directv2LDRMedia where i can see my programs from the HR22 receivers but I cannot access anything (everything is in folder view as well). Not sure why I cannot see the HR44 programming.

    I called Directv:

    I asked to have my RVU TV activated and explained that I wanted to update my mini genie to a wireless genie and I wanted to eliminate my outdated DVRs (HR21 and HR22) . Of course they said this had to be a professional installation so DIrectv sent out an installer yesterday to hook this up. When he got here, his intention was to hook up another DECA and run coax into my living room. Once he saw there was no way to achieve this he recommended the wireless bridge with a wireless mini genie such as the C41. I was told this new device would have to be plugged in to a power source and then via an HDMI cable into the TV?

    Am I mistaken that the RVU TV should act as a client and essentially replace the C41 client? If the wireless genie can get a signal then why cant the RVU TV. Isn't this just registering the MAC address on directv's network? It makes no sense that I would need a wireless to wired connection even if it is just HDMI?

    I have been on the phone with countless reps with Directv and I have come to the conclusion that they don't understand their own products and have a very difficult time explaining them. One technician told me the RVU is basically the programming card in my receiver. Another technician said I still need the DECA connection, and then the service technician said the C41 will work. Finally one technician on the phone wanted the MAC address to register the TV to my account (I couldn't located it immediately and when I found it and called back this was no longer an option). I am beyond confused and would just like someone to simplify this whole process.

    I am truly looking for a wireless connection. Is that possible?
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    Only is you use a C41W client, which doesn't do 4K. If you want to use the RVU client in the TV you need to at least use a DECA connection for the first time you activate it since the Genie will check to see if a DECA is in place before authorizing it, after that you can move to wired ethernet. The RVU client code in the TV will detect if you have only a wireless connection and will tell you can't select the RVU connection unless it's wired.
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    DIRECTV uses a private network for it wireless clients that your RVU TV can't join. DIRECTV chose to use a private WLAN as to not depend on customers routers. Because of those reasons your RVU TV MUST be hard wired.

    Only way to go wireless is to get one of those wireless ethernet adapters but they are not supported by DIRECTV and YMMV

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