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New software (5709) bugs thread

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Nov 14, 2001.

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    Okay, I'll start it off. While pushing the skip forward button several times during a recorded show, the DP turned off and rebooted. When it came back on the recorded show I was skipping through was gone but the other shows were still there.
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    Yes I was having the same problem. So I called Dish and asked for a Advanced Tech who did a memory core dump for both of my 7200's. So far no more crashes.
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    I was having that before the latest software, on skip ahead. Then my DP started doing it spontaneously and I got irritated and reoplaced its software. That seemed to elminate it. Perhaps you should jenny code the beast just to see if it helps.
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    Since the 5709, I've experienced faster reponse times on both sides, although it was only supposed to help the Tv side.

    The bad:
    1) Digital recordings audio comes & goes, and one blank spot for 6 to 10 secs. Don't mind not getting complete movie in 5.1, but streaks of no audio at all is terrible.
    2) Power offs on both sides and still can't get to customer service or tech at Dishnetwork without a power off.
    3) Have missed the first parts of recorded movies, not the endings.
    4) One min. recording has showed up a couple of times, but they were in error, as the recordings were complete.
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