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New Vip612 Problem with HDCP and HDMI

Discussion in 'ViP612/622/722/722K DVR Support Forum' started by Rogernet, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. Rogernet

    Rogernet Mentor

    Aug 2, 2009
    Mr. Smith,

    Thanks for your instant analysis of an issue I have been dealing with DISH for 8 years now. Trust me, I am well aware of HDCP protocol from the beginnings of it 10 years back with the 1.3 versions. I know it is a handshaking hardware protocol between transmitting devices and receivers. I never have complained about any missing popup messages since I started this thread....so not sure where that came from. The DISH 890 error message has been a standard one when the DISH firmware does not sense an HDCP compliant device on the receiver end.

    I am sorry if I confused you with my last post on this thread. I'm sure you didn't have time to read up on all the other previous posts since I started this thing 8 years back. I will try to be more clear this time.

    So back in 2010, I had 2 SONY 1080p Bravia TV's. My old DISH VIP 612 Receiver (which I still use) had only 1 HDMI port and 1 set of RGB component ports for my secondary 1080 TV about 10 feet away in a bedroom. Because DISH was still using a HDCP 1.3 protocol at that time and many years until this year for this receiver, every time I tried to watch an HDCP protected channel on the bedroom TV....I would get the DISH message 890...."This device does not support HDCP......." However,
    everything was just fine on my primary 1080 TV via the HDMI port from the receiver.

    To debug this with DISH techs back then.... I used the menu options 6-1-3 to get the to System INFO One screen. If you then press NEXT, you will get the SYSTEM INFO TWO screen. The second line there gives the HDCP status as Yes or No. The DISH tech could not explain why my primary was good HDCP=YES with the HDMI cable but my secondary was bad HDCP=NO with RGB cables.

    The only fix for the past 6 years was to turn on both my primary and secondary TVs if I wanted to see all channels in including HDCP protected ones on my secondary TV.
    Still not sure why this worked.....but it did.

    Finally, this year, DISH upgraded their firmware in the VIP 612 receiver to version L890, which apparently upgraded the receiver to HDCP 2.0, which has backward compatibility with earlier HDCP versions.

    Not sure if you are familiar with HDCP 2.0 or the newer 2.2 version for 4K content protection, but I think the reason that both my TVs now show HDCP=YES, is because HDCP 2.0 among other things uses a locality test in the authentication process which sets a max of 7 ms between the HDCP transmitter (VIP 612 receiver) and the HDCP receiver (my secondary 1080P TV) which passes the test, even with RGB component cables. This is what finally turned the HDCP bit on my secondary TV without the primary being on.

    Trust me, all the hardware has been the same for 7 years, except I upgraded my primary to a SAMSUNG 4K HDTV in 2015. The only variable was the DISH firmware upgrades since 2010, and I think DISH finally had to move up to HDCP 2.0 for the older receivers like mine last month. I hope my response is clear to you now.

    BTW: A very good technical review of HDCP 2.0 can be found on this link:


    Updating the High Definiton Content Protection Standard with Version 2.0
    by Al Hawtin - June 17, 2009
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2017

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