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New waivers under SHVERA 2004

Discussion in 'Legislative and Regulatory Issues' started by joblo, Dec 1, 2004.

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  1. joblo

    joblo Godfather

    Dec 10, 2003
    As I read it, there will be three types of waivers if/when SHVERA is enacted::

    1. Grade A/B waivers for distant network (DN) service
    2. LIL waivers for DN service
    3. LIL waivers for significantly viewed (SV) stations

    The first type of waiver is the same as it has always been and all such waivers survive intact. Waivers of the first type do not, however, constitute waivers of the second or third type, even if they are from the same stations.

    The second type is for people in white areas who want to get DN service after LIL service is available or after SHVERA is enacted, whichever is later. These subscribers now need and can seek a waiver for a distant net from provided LIL station(s) of the same net.

    The third type of waiver would allow a subscriber to receive SV service without taking LIL service, i.e. before LIL is available. This is a waiver from stations in the DMA, NOT grade A/B stations, and any stations received under such a waiver do not count against the 2-station distant cap if you are also eligible for those. Again, any grade A/B waivers you may have, even from the same station, do not constitute waivers for SV service.

    Further, it is specifically provided that SV waivers may be limited to particular station rather than apply to all SV stations of the same network, so for instance, if there ore 2 OOM SV stations, and one is owned by the same company as the local, you could be granted a waiver only for the SV station owned by the same company.

    Finally, there is a specific moratorium on SV waivers, such that they all expire automatically at the end of 2008, and no new ones can be granted after that date. I think the presumption is that LIL service should be universally available by then so these waivers should no longer be necessary.
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