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New Wiring For new Direct TV HMC

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by sherman, Feb 28, 2006.

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  1. sherman

    sherman New Member

    Feb 28, 2006
    Not sure if right forum but here goes. Anyone know anything about the new HMC boxes for Direct? My question is can the HMC be in your homerun location for wiring purposes and then the client box at your main viewing area. Can you control the HMC funtions from a client box? Im going off this info , see below

    The HMC should be available in late 2005. Some unofficial information has leaked out on the configuration of the HMC and the associated client boxes (one at each TV). The DirecTV HMC will incorporated 4 satellite receivers (all HD capable) along with two over-the-air TV tuners (also HD capable). Up to 4 programs can be recorded simultaneously onto the unit's large capacity hard drive (something around 400 to 500 GB). A client box will be required at each TV. Both a standard definition and a high definition version of the client boxes will be offered. The client boxes can be connected to the HMC via either coax cable (e.g., RG-6) or via a Cat-5e or Cat-6 Ethernet cable. At any one time 4 of the client boxes can be in use to control and HMC's digital video recorder (DVR) functions and will operate as if each of these has it own DVR. TVs connected to additional client boxes (i.e, beyond the first 4) will be more limited in what they can view. Two HMCs can be networked together to double the capabilities thus allow recording or playback of up to 8 programs simultaneously and up to 8 clients can each operate the DVR functions (or view live broadcast). A new satellite dish will be required and 4 coax lines are required to be connected between the dish and the HMC, plus one additional coax line into the media server is needed if you want to connect an TV antenna for over-the-air reception. Directv will offer a trade-in credit for the customer's current equipment. Preliminary indications are Directv will offer to replace their customer's current Directv HD receivers with a new standalone HD receiver or offer a credit toward a HMC and a client HD box.. If you have a HD Directv TiVo then they will offer to move you over to the new HMC plus one HD client box. As reported previously, Directv is moving away from the use of TiVo and the HMC will not be based on TiVo software for the DVR functions.

    IF not then alot of us will have some pretty messed up fishing to do.
  2. Earl Bonovich

    Earl Bonovich Lifetime Achiever

    Nov 15, 2005
    Sherman... where are you getting your info from?

    As most of what you have written, is old news. (aka... stuff that has been hashed over a bunch of times)... Some of which has been debunked, some of it which is probably true.

    HMC isn't going to be out till late 2006 at the earliest (you can see some indications of it in the latest PDF from DirecTV (the webcast) )

    Right now... I wouldn't do anything crazy.... until some solid official information comes out regarding the HMC.

    The SAT Dish? 4 Lines? that is pretty common now.
    In fact, In the PDF, DirecTV announced some technology where we may only need 1 cable from the dish.

    And yes, we know TiVo is out of the picture... HMC and the HR20 run newer software.

    I actually should ask my resource to see if he has any more solid information regarding the HMC, so people who are making plans... can make the correct plans.
  3. sherman

    sherman New Member

    Feb 28, 2006
    Pulling info from dtvmax. I know alot is old hat but Im wiring a new house , and the question of how everything hooks up will be crucial. If the HMC needs to be by the TV for its operation then wherever your client boxes are throughout the house you need to run coax from the main tv(HMC) to the additional boxes. My new house homeruns to the upstairs closet . If the hmc can sit in the closet Im fine because the 4 coax from satellite will be in that closet and all cables are fine to additional locations provided I can access all hmc funtions from the client boxes.

    If not then you have to run additional cables from the hmc , up to your other client boxes. Hope Im making my self clear,:grin:
  4. sherman

    sherman New Member

    Feb 28, 2006
    My current wiring plans

    Homerun in upstairs closet (I have no choice on this)

    4 coax run to attic for Sat dish

    From the closet 4 coax, 2 cat 6 to Family room downstairs

    From closet 2 coax 2Cat6 to each side of loft upstairs

    If the Loft has a client box and you need to connect to HMC box in closet the current wiring is fine.

    But if the HMC needs to be controlled from your main viewing area you need to connect the client boxes to it. So wiring from loft to downstairs is needed. And bedrooms would have to homerun to the HMC box.

    If homerun is closet and HMC can be controlled from the client boxes everyone will be ok, if not????
  5. Wolffpack

    Wolffpack Banned User

    Jul 29, 2003
    Anything new I will be building will have the following:

    - Media Box (MB) somewhere in the house
    - 1 inch conduit from MB to dish/cable input to the house.
    - 1 inch conduit from phone access to the MB.
    - 1 inch conduit from cable access to the MB. (If these are in the same place this could be modified.
    - 1 inch conduit from MB to each bedroom.
    - 1 inch conduit from MB to 2 places in the Kitchen.
    - 1 inch conduit from MB to outside back yard.
    - 2 1 inch conduits from MB to media room/living room/family room.

    Each conduit would include one fishin line to pull the needed cable at the time of installation. Be that coax, fibre or Cat-5.

    But that's just my design.
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