New 'X-Files' Wows at World Premiere

Discussion in 'TV Show Talk' started by phrelin, Oct 6, 2015.

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    ...and live long enough! :D
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    What he said.[​IMG]
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    I would be down with that. As long as Chris Carter is not involved. The original run provided some of the best TV ever, but the credit goes to the geniuses who were in that writing room, many of who would go on to be big deals.

    But the conspiracy stuff was usually from Chris Carter, and it was always weak and boring. And after X, and Millennium (also great) and, OK, The Lone Gunmen, which probably had the most disappointing series wrap-up ever, CC could not buy a show worth putting on the air, because CC is a hack. He had 14 years to ruminate about this, and this is what he came up with. Tank, completely empty.

    And he just proved that (and he proved it in the 2008 movie and the last two years of the original run). All of the stuff in the 6-ep reboot that was written by CC sucked out loud. Everything else was great. The acting and actors, top-notch; the other writing and directing, top-notch. But nothing from CC himself impressed. OK, he can direct, he just can't write. That cliff-hanger finale was the worst TV I have sat through in years. I've had a couple weeks to cool off, but my opinion has not changed. Everything CC touched was terrible. The great acting and production allowed the material to rise above that at times, but mostly whatever CC contributed bogged everything back down, like a lead weight around their necks. Glen Morgan is probably in his bedroom loading his revolver right now.

    X has always been in my all-time top 5, but CC's lame writing in the reboot was a disgrace to a wonderful legacy, and CC should be taken out and shot.

    No, I can't say that, I take it all back. But he should be stripped of any further duties, other than getting coffee and sandwiches for the other writers. Make Glen Morgan the showrunner and EP; get Vince Gilligan, Howard Gordon, Darin Morgan, James Wong, and Frank Spotnitz back on board, but keep CC away from the laptop.

    Even the genius Nic Pizzaloto discovered that while he could be a phenom and create a great story, doing it all yourself in a sophomore season was beyond what even his genius mind could accomplish (and if HBO has any sense, they will saddle him with a cadre of great writers, producers and directors to help him with True Detective III).

    But CC is far from a genius. I give him credit for creating a great story concept, selling it to FOX, and casting it remarkably, and being a successful showrunner. But if there are to be more eps to come, leave your ego on the shelf, and the writing to the real writers. And if FOX is smart, they will insist upon that, because that is the simple, obvious recipe to fix what went wrong here.

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