NFL 2021 SundayTicket Schedule: Week 6

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    NFL 2021 Schedule Week #6
    Attached is the weekly NFL Schedule, customized for Directv SundayTicket Subscribers

    Time Zone Specific
    Schedules are provided for each US Time Zone; note the attachment names to identify the correct PDF for your time zone.

    Customize Your Schedule
    In the current Acrobat Reader, use the Tools/Fill & Sign option to enter your own custom National and Regional channel information.

    National Broadcasts
    Add your LIL (Local-Into-Local) or DNS (Distant Network Service) CBS, FOX and NBC channel numbers to your schedule.

    Regional Broadcasts
    Find in advance which regional games your local CBS and FOX affiliates will be carrying by referencing online DMA Distribution Maps. Add your local broadcast information to customize your schedule. DMA maps are available beginning Wednesday in the week preceding the game.​

    The Distribution Maps include the announcer assignments for all the games; assignments for an additional two weeks are also available.​

    Regional Blackouts
    Directv is required to blackout a SundayTicket game that would duplicate programming by your local CBS or FOX affiliate.

    The Schedules are available HERE
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