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No programming commitments or cancellation fee

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by Chris Blount, Feb 22, 2004.

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  1. Chris Blount

    Chris Blount Creator of DBSTalk Staff Member Administrator DBSTalk Gold Club

    Jun 22, 2001
    EchoStar Communications Corp., which operates The Dish Network, fired the latest salvo earlier this month when it unexpectedly dropped its nationwide policy requiring new customers to sign a one-year contract. The contract — and its $240 cancellation fee — was to prevent consumers from cancelling their service before the company could recoup its customer acquisition costs, which included free equipment.

    Instead, EchoStar executives say they´re betting on a new promotional offering that for $29.99 gives new customers 60 channels of programming, plus a new receiver that includes a digital video recorder and connections capable of pumping the company´s satellite signal into four rooms in the house. The consumer can then view different programming in two of those rooms.

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  2. junki

    junki Godfather

    Feb 19, 2004
    No contract on programming or commitment really sux for the retailer and charge backs are now going to be consistant
  3. Jacob S

    Jacob S Hall Of Fame

    Apr 14, 2002
    And some retailers are not going to offer this promotion, this may put some retailers out of business that do decide to do the promotion, and may cause some retailers to change the way they do business in the future, such as starting to charge for things that they would never charge for before, being very selective with customers, and perhaps see fewer retailers out there in the future as a result if they cannot afford to stay in business as a result.
  4. jgoggan

    jgoggan Hall Of Fame/Supporter DBSTalk Gold Club

    Apr 2, 2002
    I've already got my 7 nearest retailers that refuse to sell things to me as an existing customer because they "don't make enough money" on it. Bah.

    - John...
  5. boba

    boba Hall Of Fame

    May 23, 2003
    Actually the no commitment is advertising hype. If it wasn't why do tou have to sign a contract also try keeping the equipment without a minimum level of programming. Lookat the fees you have to pay if you don't return the equipment. I believe this is false advertising and more than 1 Attorney General may give DISH a second look.
  6. Jacob S

    Jacob S Hall Of Fame

    Apr 14, 2002
    If you are leasing the hardware and dont return the it when you have the service shut off then I dont see where it is illegal to charge for hardware that is not returned, unless they tacked on extra on top of what the hardware cost if it would not be returned. I wonder if they can actually charge the value of the hardware as if it was new instead of the value it would be when they want it returned in which it is used. It would not be worth the amount they are probably wanting since it is used but want the retail price as if it were new.
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