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Notification That Receiver Is Down

Discussion in 'DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion' started by Bretman, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. Bretman

    Bretman Cool Member

    Jul 30, 2008
    I have several HR24 DVRs that are hooked up to the Whole Home System. Anyhow, the bedroom receiver will crash about once a week and I am forced to unplug it for about five minutes, before rebooting it and then everything seems OK. If I simply use the reset or reboot button on the front, it won't boot. Ditto if I unplug for a period shorter than about five minutes. Often, it will stay rebooted for more than one week.

    I spoke with DirecTV Customer Support and they told me it sounded like it was a hardware problem. They offered to replace the HR24 for free by mail. However, it has many recordings that I need to copy before I can exchange it, so for now, I am doing the reboot trick.

    My question happens to be ---> is there a way of being notified thru the DirecTV app (or some other way like e-mail or text) if the receiver goes down and I am away from any TV in my house ? Yes, I can see the bedroom receiver is down when I have the living room receiver on and look at the playlist. The missing recordings from the bedroom DVR clue me in. But I would like to know when the bedroom DVR goes down so that I can reboot it in a timely matter.

    Also, any ideas on the crash problem other than what DirecTV told me ?? Could it be because I don't always turn on the bedroom receiver every day and sometimes go a week or more without turning it on ? Does it sound like it could be the firmware out of date ?

    Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide...
  2. peds48

    peds48 Genius.

    Jan 10, 2008
    if you are in your LAN, you can go to the settings inside the DirecTV app and you will notice that the receiver has a red dot instead of green, but the are no "proactive" notifications

    There could many reasons for "crashing" one of them could be a temperature issue or a hard drive problems
  3. trh

    trh This Space for Sale

    Nov 2, 2007
    NE FL
    I'd stop recording anything else to that bedroom receiver and start watching what you have on it now. Good possibility that during one of your reboots, it won't start up. And when that happens, you've lost everything on it.
  4. b52pooh

    b52pooh Cool Member

    Mar 10, 2011
    Southern Oregon
    Have you tried changing the location of the receiver? Swap it out with one of your other HR24's. Make sure the issue is not related to power at the bedroom location.
  5. Bretman

    Bretman Cool Member

    Jul 30, 2008
    That's a good idea. I never thought of that. Sometimes there are power problems in different parts of the house (not very often), but when it happens, the entire room or rooms will be out of power temporarily. It could be that the outlet this receiver is plugged into occasionally loses power. The remainder of the bedroom seems OK. My bedroom alarm clock has not lost power, but it is plugged into a different outlet. If the outlet servicing the bedroom TV is losing power intermittently, it may explain the DVR crashes.

    Let me try plugging the receiver via an extension cord into the power outlet containing the alarm clock and let's see if the crashes continue..If it does, then I'll consider swapping the DVR with the living room DVR.

    Thanks for the tip.
  6. Bretman

    Bretman Cool Member

    Jul 30, 2008
    Your point is well taken. I just need to keep rebooting in order to xfer recordings which takes a lot of time in realtime. and to watch the recordings on the bedroom DVR in the living room.
  7. Bill Broderick

    Bill Broderick Icon

    Aug 25, 2006
    Long Island
    If that's happening in your home, aside from getting an electrician to come get that problem fixed, it's a really good argument for getting a UPS (battery backup) for each of the DVR's in your home. This way, weird power glitches won't affect the DVR's.

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