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NYPD Blue 2/19/02

Discussion in 'TV Show Talk' started by -, Feb 20, 2002.

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    I can't believe I watched that.
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    Uh, ok...Are you referring to the content of the episode, or just the show in general? I would agree that the content last night was ugh, icky, bleachhh...but it sure did look good in HD!
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    I don't think i would have wanted HD last night. In fact if that was broadcast in HD it may slow sales considerably.

    I guess I was referring to the visual AND the subject. I do realize that it is a serious social issue. I even think they delay with it well but I think this was Bocchco's way of laughing at us all in a way since there was a fair amount of speculation about what scene/characters prompted the advisory.
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    What was the show about? I usually catch reruns of NYPD Blue on FX or TNT since my reception form ABC isnt that great during primetime.
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    I stopped watching it the 3rd year it was on, Jimmy Smits was the Sipowitz partner, but the lack of detail has me curious.

    Why did the guy after Smits leave the show? Will this current guy stay???
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    Well as I said above there were all kinds of rumors floating around aboutt he advisory. I think Bochco was fanning the idea that one of the 3 attractive female characters might appear nude since each was at a relationship crossroad. Although since one looked liek she was drifitng into a relationship with Dennis Franz well you get the picture......

    It turned out to be about a very odd storyline involving the death of a teenage boy and the theft of video games. While they ultimately discovered that one boy committed the murder the detectives had previoulsy visited the home of a rather "Geeky" boy--and eveidence pointed in his direction.

    His older out of shape quite unattractive mother answered the door nude. When the detectives ordered het to "put something on" she covered her naked body in baby powder.

    After the confession they asked the odd mother to pick up her son at the station. She came and when she was alone with the boy started kissing him passionately.

    This led to Sipowicz and partner taking the boy to children's services--a none too hospitable place.

    Typical Bocchco in many ways. Set up 'em up for a fast ball and throw 'em a curve.
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    I guess it is human nature to want details, even though you know you probably won't like it. :D

    Gee, What happened to hollywood, where unattractive just meant you were one makeover away from being a Supermodel. One redeeming value of the Arnold Schwarzengger movie "Last Action Hero" was that the kid knew he was not in reality because even the girl behind the counter at the video store was supermodel quality. And then when they go back to "Reality", everyone wasn't so pretty.
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    Woh, thats one episode Ill make sure not to watch.
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    And that episode of "NYPD Blue" is now considered a form of torture banned by the "Declaration of Human Rights" :D

    They won't even use that episode at Camp X-Ray in Guantanamo Bay to get info, it is to inhumane!!!

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