Oddities with Channels on an Ipad / Tablet

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Connected Home' started by jimmie57, Jul 21, 2016.

  1. jimmie57

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    I have both an ipad 2 and an 8" LG Android tablet.

    1. Lots of channels you can select and watch with no problem. Choose Watch on ipad / tablet at the top of the app screen, touch the Live TV and touch the program from the Guide. These have the Wi-Fi symbol and the plus sign next to the channel number.

    2. Others are not available at all. Those are easily distinguished by the lack of the Wi-Fi symbol. to the right of the channel number.

    3. Then there are channels that have the Wi-Fi symbol but are lacking the plus sign next to it. These only play if your system / DVR is connected to the internet and the tablet is on the same network. Weird .

    4. If I choose CNBC, channel 355, and play it it is fine until a commercial break comes up. Then you get a custom screen that says they are on commercial break and back soon. No sound either. If I do the same thing on the Bloomberg channel 353 it looks just like TV, commercials and all.

    Edit: CNBC started showing commercials today 8-3-2016.

    It is just strange.
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    2. Not every channel has streaming rights. While others like CBS Sports Network have yet to have their contract renewed and only recently started making deals for streaming rights.

    3. Depending on the contract, DirecTV doesn't have the out of home rights to everything, in some cases like Discovery it's simply because the last time the contract was renewed out of home streaming wasn't a thing yet, while for others it's because the channel airs things produced by 3rd parties and the channel themselves don't have the out of home rights to it.

    4. For some channels they have to use the TV Everywhere stream that appears on their website, these streams have alternate ads and promos during breaks and some programming that they don't have the streaming rights for is replaced. Mainly it's the channels owned by NBCU, A&E, Disney and AMC Networks that use the TV Everywhere streams instead of the feed you get on TV, along with Fox News, Fox Business and TWC SportsNet.
    i.e. for CNBC they use the same stream used by CNBC's website and app:
  3. NR4P

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    The Directv iPad app is buggy. I've commented on nuances and oddities elsewhere in this forum.
  4. jimmie57

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    Jun 26, 2010
    Texas City, TX
    When I play it and then leave it and later come back to play it again all of the information in the Guide is gone. Only way I have found to cure that is to shut the ipad off and then restart it. Then the Guide will populate.
    I am thinking I have had this same problem with the android app also.

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