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Official Merger Rejection Thread

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by Scott Greczkowski, Oct 10, 2002.

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  1. Lyle_JP

    Lyle_JP Icon

    Apr 22, 2002
    What are you talking about? In the last year Echstar has launched two spotbeam satellites, added several new local markets (particularly in smaller Pegasus-dominated markets where DirecTV is not interested), added their first major sports package, improved its hardware offerings, enormously increased their retail exposure (with Walmart and Radio Shack deals), expanded their High Defenition offerings, and has had twice the customer growth that DirecTV has experienced. Oh yeah, and they continue to be the profitable DBS company.

    -Lyle J.P.
  2. nicepants

    nicepants AllStar

    Apr 11, 2002
    I just can't wait to see monday's Charlie Chat. Every one I've seen so far has been charlie responding to questions with "When the merger happens....".

    I wonder what he will say now?
  3. Martyva

    Martyva Guest DBSTalk Gold Club

    Apr 23, 2002
    Here's an analogy for rural America. the Electric company can sell electricity to rural customers, but only enough for the customers lights. What they could use for the stove, the toaster, the air conditioner is reserved for the urban areas, so the urban areas could have one more supplier.
  4. Augie #70

    Augie #70 AllStar

    Apr 24, 2002
    Its just television - is this really that important of a topic to get all riled up about? If we all spent a fraction of the time spent discussing this merger on worthwhile endeavors society as a whole would be much better off.
  5. bryan27

    bryan27 DBSTalk E* Spot Beam Guru

    Apr 1, 2002
    I just want to make one small interjection. This is a major set back for those for the merger, and a major move foward for those against it, but "The FCC provided Applicants 30 days to file an amended application to ameliorate the FCC's anti-competitive concerns and to file a petition to delay the hearing." (This was from the FCC's press release). We will have to see what the amendment says (which ought to be some good reading).
  6. cnsf

    cnsf Hall Of Fame/Supporter DBSTalk Gold Club

    Jun 6, 2002
    If you really feel this way, find another forum. As I understand this domain name "DBSTalk.com", that will ALWAYS be the subject at hand. For some, it is how they make their living. For others, TV takes up a large portion of their lives, like it or not.

    Try the Potpourri forum.
  7. Maddan

    Maddan Guest

    Rupert Murdoch is probably jumping for joy but either he or his heirs may live to regret this day. GM can walk away after Jan. 21st but if it wants to see $3.3B it can do nothing after that date to threaten the survival of Echostar. If GM even thinks about anything that could threaten the financial survival of Echostar (such as a DirecTV-Newscorp merger) then its contract with Echostar will immediately become invalidated. The FCC has also been put on notice that a DirectTV-Newscorp merger would threaten competition and ultimately lead to a monopoly.
  8. Gemini365i

    Gemini365i AllStar

    Sep 7, 2002
    I just wish we all could use quotation marks when we write, so that I am not lost in what I am reading :)

  9. dlsnyder

    dlsnyder Godfather

    Apr 24, 2002
    If that is the case wouldn't that clause of the contract itself be anti-competetive? If the merger does fail and DirecTV is contractually barred from doing anything to "threaten the financial survival" of Echostar, well couldn't any business decision they make qualify as threatening? Starting a price war or an agressive marketing campaign could cause them to be in default.
  10. spanishannouncetable

    spanishannouncetable Icon

    Apr 23, 2002
    Charlie Ergan, looking to file lawsuits ? :eek:

    Jeez, he's never done THAT before :lol: :rotfl: :rolling:
  11. andrzejpw

    andrzejpw AllStar

    Apr 23, 2002
    lol, "when the merger happens. . ."

    Monday's Charlie Chat will be the best thing EVER. :D
  12. TNGTony

    TNGTony Hall Of Fame

    Mar 23, 2002
    I will unfortunately be out of town on Monday...but I can tell you that most of the chat will consist of the same type of crying and whining about the FCC not having the people's interest at stake and they did when the SHVIA (Must Carry) was passed by congress.

    See ya
  13. cws80us

    cws80us Guest

    "The FCC approves Comcast's buy-out of AT&T allowing their monopoly bases to expand and that's okay- they allow the merger of the 2 largest fuel retailers and that's okay- "

    That's what I'm talking about. Our government has been allowing telecoms, oil companies, banks, airlines, and media companies to merge at will for years. Now all the sudden they decide to get tough and reject the merger of E* and D*. A merger that I contend would have generated more competition because it would have allowed them to be able to compete more effectively with the huge cable conglomerates that, by the way, the FCC has allowed to be created.

    Also, it hasn't been that long ago when there was basically no competition to cable. The only alternative was BUD which was not feasible for most because of the size of the dish and the investment required. Now the government wants to say that having 1 major competitor instead of 2 minor competitors would be a terrible thing. I don't remember the sky falling when their was no DBS at all!!
  14. James_F

    James_F Damn you woman! DBSTalk Gold Club

    Apr 23, 2002
    Comcast/AT&T merger is apples and oranges. They aren't eliminating competition, just making one company bigger. DBS will never be able to compete against cable in most markets IMO. Some cities already have huge fiber-optic lines that give cable such an advantage over DBS in bandwidth even with the extra satellites. What this merger means that if my in-laws don't like the service they have with Dish, they have no place to go. Now they can go to DirecTV. Don't think for a minute that Cablevision would be a competitor for a few years. They wouldn't be any competition.
  15. LadyTalia

    LadyTalia AllStar

    Oct 4, 2002
  16. James_F

    James_F Damn you woman! DBSTalk Gold Club

    Apr 23, 2002
    Of course thats the answer, and it should be. They just rejected their first offer. IF they can address the concerns, then they should be able to move forward. The only problem I see is the stern tone of the FCC's ruling. But they do have a blueprint to try and work with, so who knows. I'd just start making plans for the thing not to go though as well.
  17. J Rath

    J Rath AllStar/Supporter

    Apr 13, 2002
    I agree with Mark, I can't see DBS surviving in 4-5 years. They are already losing some of their advantages they had over cable. Unless there are some technological advances that allow them to significantly decrease the amount of bandwidth needed I just don't see how they ae going to be able to keep up with cable rolling out products such as HDTV, VOD, etc.

    Seems like the major argument is decreasing competition, especially in the rural markets. Is it the DBS providers fault that the cable companies have decided not to serve those areas for one reason or another? I think not. Does anyone know what the actual percentage of TV households the unserved markets are and what percentage of those households are actually DBS subs? Seems to me that number can't be all that high (although I would like to know what those actual numbers are), which would mean the FCC is basically saying the good of the few outweighs the good of the many.

    James_F, while I agree that the Comcast/AT&T merger doesn't necessarily reduce competition, I don't see it fostering competition either. In fact I could see it stifling competition in the markets it serves. And remember, to a lesser informed public this merger does look the same on the surface; two pay TV providers merging into one behemoth provider. IMHO, approving Comcast/AT&T sends mixed signals.
  18. timmy

    timmy Guest

    I don't care if there is a merger. All i want is goodlife, trio, AMC Monsters, B-Mania, MGM Movies, etc. etc.
  19. Curtis0620

    Curtis0620 Hall Of Fame

    Apr 22, 2002
    It's over. There is nothing that they could offer that will not reduce competition.

    Sorry Charlie.
  20. Scott Greczkowski

    Scott Greczkowski Banned User

    Mar 21, 2002
    If Charlie does indeed walk away from the Merger on January 21st then I am willing to predict that we might see "Dish Rainbow" sometime in the future.

    It would not suprise me in the least to see Charlie help Cablevision start their Rainbow survice in the Dish Network umbrella.
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