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OK, we got TBS now, what will be the next channels..

Discussion in 'DISH™ High Definition Discussion' started by wbwell, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. Hound

    Hound Icon

    Mar 20, 2005
    Here is something about BTN that I got from another forum. BTN was a good
    move by E*. In its respective markets, it is a very popular niche channel.
    I have tuned into HD field hockey, watched a Penn State HD football game and am
    looking forward to HD basketball and HD softball.

    These ratings are much higher than professional basketball, ice hockey and
    many baseball games on the RSNs that Comcast, Cablevision, etc. require 90
    percent of subs to support. RSN basketball and ice hockey ratings are generally
    no more than 1.0.

    Big Ten Network Draws Football Crowds

    Early Season Telecasts Rank Tops in Local Cities, Indicating Wide Appeal

    CHICAGO – Halfway through its inaugural college football season, Big Ten Network -- the only network in TV history to surpass 30 million subscribers within 30 days of launch – has seen virtually all of its Saturday afternoon games post major audiences within key Midwest cities. In fact, several early conference match-ups have dominated local ratings in metropolitan areas like Detroit, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Columbus and Dayton where Big Ten sports enjoy amazing popularity.

    Already, Big Ten Network games have ranked among the top-12 most-popular programs on advertising-supported cable (and satellite) television in their respective cities nine times, while 12 games rank in the top 50. To understand the significance, according to Nielsen Media Research well over 3000 programs were televised on expanded basic cable channels last month.

    Perennial powerhouse Ohio State University has proved a particularly large draw for Big Ten Network, dominating local coverage area ratings in Columbus, Cleveland and nearby Dayton, while University of Michigan has had the same effect in cities like Detroit. Big Ten Network will feature both teams in action coming up this weekend.

    "We have a way to go, but we're all very encouraged by these initial audience results that indicate the widespread appeal of our network," said Mark Silverman, President of Big Ten Network. "As we continue to get deeper into the season, audiences are likely to increase and the addition of other distribution partners will drive these results further upward.

    "We have continued to support the goal of making Big Ten Network available to as many people as possible, and what we're learning is that Midwest fans are watching our network in great numbers if provided the opportunity," Silverman added. "This all bodes well for our early distribution partners, as they now possess a very potent and invaluable means to generate local advertising partnerships with sponsors interested in reaching these important Midwest communities."

    The following table ranks the most popular Big Ten Network featured telecasts from the first six weeks of the football season based upon Nielsen results for nine key markets measured for commercial purposes throughout the Midwest. Each telecast includes the date, the event's household coverage area rating; and where that telecast ranked in popularity against every other program shown in that city during September or the first weekend of October.

    For instance, the Ohio State-Akron game from Sept. 8 earned a 36.6 coverage rating in Columbus. Of the over 3000 programs and sports events on basic cable in September, it was the third highest-rated. The same game earned a 15.6 coverage rating in Cleveland, ranking second in that city for the entire month of September.

    Date Featured Game Market Rating (HH) Rank
    9/8 Akron-Ohio State Dayton 14.8 2
    9/8 Akron-Ohio State Columbus 36.6 3
    9/1 Youngstown State-Ohio State Dayton 11.5 4
    9/8 Akron-Ohio State Cleveland 15.6 5
    9/1 Youngstown State-Ohio State Columbus 14.3 6
    10/6 Eastern Michigan-Michigan Detroit 6.7 T8*
    9/1 Appalachian State-Michigan Detroit 11.3 10
    10/6 Minnesota-Indiana Minn/St. Paul 5.6 11*
    9/15 The Citadel-Wisconsin Milwaukee 6.8 12
    9/29 Michigan-Northwestern Columbus 5.9 34
    9/1 Youngstown State-Ohio State Cleveland 7.0 T35
    9/1 Appalachian State-Michigan Indianapolis 6.5 T45
    *Oct. 1-8

    In terms of the markets Big Ten Network is monitoring, the network's Saturday afternoon football telecasts are averaging a 3.6 household coverage area rating, ahead of both NBC (3.4) and CBS (1.8) for each network's respective season-to-date average for college football broadcasts in major Big Ten markets, and a respectable 1.3 ratings points behind ABC (4.9).

    Among other Big Ten Network performance highlights, coverage area ratings for this past weekend's Saturday noon (ET) football games out-ranked both of the Major League Baseball Divisional Series playoff games in Detroit (6.8 vs. 3.7/3.6), Minneapolis (5.6 vs. 4.9/4.3) and Columbus (2.1 vs. 1.6/0.7). Also, of the four games televised at Noon on Sept. 29 on ESPN, ESPN2, CBS or ABC, Big Ten Network posted a 2.9 coverage area rating across nine key Midwest markets, finishing second to ESPN's Notre Dame-Purdue telecast (6.2) in those markets.

    This coming weekend's four-game slate in HD promises more exciting gridiron action at Noon (ET) as No. 24-ranked (USA Today/Harris Interactive) Purdue (5-1) visits a rebounding Michigan team (4-2) in Ann Arbor; undefeated No. 3 (AP/USA Today/Harris) Ohio State (6-0) hosts intra-state rival Kent State; and Minnesota travels to Northwestern. At 7 PM (ET) that day, Michigan State hosts Indiana. And as the football season loaded with surprises continues to unfold, Big Ten basketball is just around the bend.

    Big Ten Network is a top destination for college hoops fans this winter with 140 men's basketball games, 64 conference match-ups and three Big Ten Conference Men's Basketball Tournament games. It all begins when Big Ten Network is live on the campuses of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan State, Minnesota and Wisconsin for their versions of Midnight Madness. The 90-minute show, BIG TEN TONIGHT: BASKETBALL TIP-OFF EDITION, airs at 9:30 PM ET Friday, Oct. 12. The network's full season preview show, BIG TEN HOOPS HYSTERIA, premieres Wednesday, Oct. 18 and examines all 11 teams and handicaps the run to the Big Ten championship.

    Big Ten Network will also nationally televise more regular season women's basketball games than any other network this season, including 55 regular season games and nine Big Ten Women's Basketball Tournament contests. In all, the Big Ten women will make approximately twice as many national television appearances than any other conference.

    About the Big Ten Network:
    The Big Ten Network, dedicated to covering the Big Ten Conference and its 11 member institutions, launched August 30, 2007. The network provides unprecedented access to an extensive schedule of conference sports events and shows; original programs in academics, the arts and sciences; campus activities; and associated personalities. Sports programming includes live coverage of more major men's and women's events than ever before, along with news, highlights and analysis, all complemented by hours of university-produced campus programming. The network is available to all cable companies, with most programs offered in stunning high-definition television (HDTV). The Big Ten Network is a joint venture between subsidiaries of the Big Ten Conference and Fox Cable Networks.
  2. rcoleman111

    rcoleman111 Guest

    MGM HD is one of the better channels DirecTV has added. Take a look at the schedule at www.mgmhd.com and you'll see there is a pretty good selection of movies. It's all unedited and commercial-free, just like Universal HD.
  3. elbyj

    elbyj Godfather

    Jan 9, 2003
    I totally agree that MGM HD would be a wonderful addition to the already great HD lineup!!!!!
  4. plainsman

    plainsman AllStar

    Nov 16, 2006
    I have to echo:
    BBC-America would be a great addition to HD - much of what I watch is BBCA.
  5. ssmith10pn

    ssmith10pn Icon

    Jul 6, 2005
    FX, Speed and my life would be complete. ;)

    Xtsy and Ten would be cool too. :p
  6. Yes616

    Yes616 Legend

    Sep 5, 2006
    I saw somewhere that BTN was in some sort of preview for all now and after January it will be treated as an RSN for the mid-west.

    Can anyone confirm this?
  7. HobbyTalk

    HobbyTalk Hall Of Fame

    Jul 14, 2007
    A search would have giving you this info.

    Q: As a DISH Network customer, do I get the Big Ten Network?
    A: Yes. DISH Network customers nationwide who subscribe to America's Top 100 and higher will find the Big Ten Network on Channel 439 through March 2008.

    Additionally, the satellite provider has also committed to carrying the network's overflow games so subscribers will have access to all Big Ten Network games when multiple games are being produced. Call your DISH Network provider for more information.

    Beginning in March 2008 for DISH customers inside the Big Ten's eight states, DISH Network will move the Big Ten Network from America's Top 100 (AT100) service to its America's Top 100 Plus service (AT100+) where all its regional sports networks are carried. That level of service is the equivalent to expanded basic cable.

    Beginning in March 2008 for DISH customers outside the Big Ten's eight states, DISH Network will move the Big Ten Network from AT100 to a to-be-determined level of service.

    This remains consistent with our stance that if you live within the Big Ten footprint, you should be able to receive the Big Ten Network on an expanded basic – or the equivalent – level of service. Outside of the Big Ten region, we are flexible on our carriage terms.
  8. James Long

    James Long Ready for Uplink! Staff Member Super Moderator DBSTalk Club

    Apr 17, 2003
    Yep ... it was noted in the press release from E* and the quote above is from the BTN website.
  9. Yes616

    Yes616 Legend

    Sep 5, 2006
    I did do a search. Right here. Thanks for the answer. ;)
  10. HobbyTalk

    HobbyTalk Hall Of Fame

    Jul 14, 2007
    Or search on BTN. Found it in about 30 seconds.... you could have done the same and found it in less time that it took you to type your message ;)
  11. Adam Richey

    Adam Richey Hall Of Fame

    Mar 25, 2002
    Kokomo, IN
    I am hoping for MGM HD, Mojo, Comedy Central HD, FX HD and USA HD short-term. I'll take just about any HD I can get though. LOL. I usually go to the HD channels in the guide first to see what's on.
  12. Yes616

    Yes616 Legend

    Sep 5, 2006
    Well back to topic..

    Wednesday is coming soon. That seems to be the best action day. Lets see what happens.
  13. pardek1701

    pardek1701 New Member

    Sep 11, 2007
    I vote for SciFi HD
  14. projectorguru

    projectorguru Godfather

    Mar 5, 2007
    Why would anyhting happen Wednesday? That was for Direct tv, what makes you think that Dish will have more HD on wednesday?
  15. Hound

    Hound Icon

    Mar 20, 2005

    NHL Network HD was just turned on a few minutes ago.
  16. projectorguru

    projectorguru Godfather

    Mar 5, 2007
    Although I do love Hockey, I can't see this channel bein one "most" people would want, especially if its anything like NFLHD
  17. Hound

    Hound Icon

    Mar 20, 2005

    It is going to provide 50 HD games. NFL HD only provides 8 games. Some of the
    NHL HD games are going to be home games in Canada where the HD broadcast
    had previously not been available to US subs. For example, CSN PHiladelphia
    only provides home Flyers games in HD. Away games in Canada are SD. But now
    some of those games will be available in HD.

    I have CSN Philadelphia HD with Verizon and now with VS/Golf HD on E*, NHL
    CI HD games on E*, HDnet HD games, and this new NHL Network HD, I am only
    going to watch hockey in HD.

    The only real benefit of channels like NHL, NFL and NBATV are the HD games.
    The studio shows, replays, classic games, etc. do not have a big following. Myself,
    I only have time to watch the games.
  18. rictorg

    rictorg AllStar

    Feb 2, 2007
    Since ESPN no longer has NHL rights, it's been difficult to be a casual fan (and shows in the downward spiraling ratings). Some additional games via the NHL network and Verses HD will help give the league some exposure in my home.
  19. jpeckinp

    jpeckinp Legend

    Nov 5, 2006
    Water HD
  20. Presence

    Presence Godfather

    Mar 14, 2004
    We have this thread every other day, right?
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