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Online Gaming

Discussion in 'The OT' started by -, Feb 8, 2002.

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    Hey Ed, What ya playing online?
    I'm a gamer, until recently, I moved to a new home and lost my connection.
    Im back to 56k......grrrrr, can't get cable, NO DSL available, could get ISDN though......sigh.
    I used to play Quake and Unreal Tournament alot.
    But I go back to the times of the "Original" Wolfenstein,
    Doom, Duke Nukem.....etc.
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    Hey John
    Been playing RTCW lately
    was a heavy red alert fan when that came out
    Played thru diablo 2 again and the expansion pack recently then fired up the battlenet connection but without a core of players to go dungeon trawling with its not fun.
    I dont remember how I found out about this site but it is great .
    I also hangout at pub21.ezboard.com/fjimsrc...ock?page=1
    another hobby of mine .
    Ack the days of DOOM and the DUKE.
    A quick story
    when doom first came out Me and my best friend were hooked thats what got us into the whole scene.
    when we found out about online play with had to try, Duke was the preferred game
    How hard it was trying to get connected .this was before cell phones ,Roger Wilco,ICQ anything.
    We tried for hours to get the games to stay connected
    for every 5 minutes of actual game play we spent at least
    30 minutes setting it up.
    Well worth it we thought .
    Till the Phone bill came in ...............................
    you see he lived in the bronx ,me in westchester each time we called it was like 13 cent to connect 10 cents a minute
    we did this for at least 4 -5 hours each night making at least 60 calls each night cause if a problem came up we had to call up to find out what went wrong .then hang up and dial up again to get into the game. MADNESS I TELL YOU.
    Now its so EZ today gamespy, built in servers
    Kids today have no idea what it was like back in the day.
    DSL CABLE ISDN it all corrupted us in a good way.
    well Ive rambled enough
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    Hey Ed, That story cracked me up....:D

    Boy do I ever remember those days. I played Doom, but my game of choice to try to connect with someone was Duke also. I was playing Duke on a 486 DX, 100 meg HD and 8 megs of ram (upgraded from 4), topped off with a 2800 baud rate modem (eventually upgraded to 9600). That was a screaming machine. :D

    I normally got beat by my buddy, one day I was just goofing around and looking at the files and I found the config file. I never lost from that point on.....LOL. I figured out in the Duke config I could turn up my weapon strength.....hehehe.:D ......I cheated......hehehe.
    Your right though, what we went through just to connect was awful.

    Doom led to Quake, whick I played some online through some Planet Quake servers I believe. The came Quake 2, I got hooked on CTF. This led to me meeting a group of guys that always played on the same server, he was a Network administrator for a company and he had a server connected to a T1 line at his work. We used to play every night from around 9 pm till 11 pm. I bet we all played Q2 for about 1 1/2 yrs.

    Then came Unreal Tounament, we probably played it for a good year. By this time we now had a couple more servers running different mods, like CTF and Instagib.

    My wife and I decided it was time to move, we now had 2 children and wanted a bigger home, from this point on was when I pretty muched stoped gaming. It's been 1 1/2 yrs. and Im not able to get any kind of connection. As you know Satellite is not an option, although ISDN is an option, its just last time I priced it, it was kinda pricey in my area for a 128k connection.

    Now they have RTCW servers running, and I think some Nascar too.My friends servers are out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.
    If you are ever playing keep an eye out for a group of guys playing with clan tags {OF}, which designates Old Farts.
    Keep an eye out for these servers, Im sure they are showing up if you are pinging them with Gamespy.I'll have to get the names of the servers and IP addresses.

    Hope all this makes sense, its pretty late and im tired.
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