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Online Programming Guide

Discussion in 'TV Show Talk' started by -, Feb 8, 2002.

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    Sometimes I go to Dish Networks website and use there online programming guide, what guides are the rest of you using? :)
    I think theres is powered by that Zap2.com......something like that.....hehehe.:D
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    I use the EPG on my 2800 its slow and only 40-some hours but it suites me. :)
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    I use Gist TV. Used to use excite before they went under and got bought out. That was by far the best guide available.
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    Thanks guys. :) I'll go check it out.I mainly use the EPG, sometimes I'll look for something specificlly.
    Kids and wife sometimes look for stuff as well.
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    Hey mark, I really like Gist TV. :)
    I may use it more than occasionally now.
    I even customized my guide to be emailed to me daily......thats to cool.
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    Hey Galley, Welcome.
    Thank you, for your link as well.
    Kinda funny, I'm the same John from Webattack, I couldn't help from recognizing your name. :)
    Guess we both have a little shareware junkie in us.:D
    If have any question regarding your DirectTivo, feel free to post them, its a real helpful and friendly bunch around here.

    Hope to cya around.
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    Some of the really good on-line TV guide web sites are gone now. clickTV was really good, but it went off-line in September, and the replacement, zap2it, has crashed on me constantly. I'm now using GIST for information.l
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    Thanks everyone, Gist is pretty cool, and so is TitanTv. Its just Gist is a little more customizable. :)

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