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    I don't even think Channel Master is in the running,when you check out the AVS Forums,Channel Master DVR+ has the most pages there compared to Tivo Roamio and I am sure all of those pages are not saying how much they like the DVR+, at least the ones I have read.
    At Best Buy the Tivio Roamio and the Channel Master DVR+ are the same price $399.,both have the same size HDD 1TB,the Channel Master has 2 tuners the Tivo Roamio 4 tuners,both do not require a subscription.
    I think I am almost ready to go back to the old days when you turn your TV on and just find something to watch on the TV hooked up to an OTA antenna which I already have setup :) .
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    I like that the 211k has the OTA tuner as often I am on a sub channel, but with no guide on several of them, I have to find the guide elsewhere.
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    I got a Roamio OTA (with lifetime service) a few months ago, and am down to the welcome pack on Dish. I use the Tivo for all OTA now, not only because of the complete guide, but because it's a lot easier to use, and more reliable. A few examples:

    Easier to use:
    - The remote buttons have positive clicks instead of being mushy.
    - Menus are easier to navigate.
    - Setting to record all episodes of a show picks it up from all channels.
    - Shows can be deleted with a single click instead of the "are you sure?" dance.
    - All recorded episodes of a show can be deleted with a single operation.
    - Accidentally deleted shows can be un-deleted.
    - The "mini" accessory box allows multiple HD TVs driven from the DVR with no additional fees.
    - 4 tuners.

    More reliable (compared to 722):
    - Doesn't reboot on flaky OTA signals.
    - Doesn't lose audio on flaky OTA signals.
    - Doesn't lose ~1 second of audio when resuming from pause.
    - Overall a bit more tolerant of multipath interference.

    The one single thing where the 722 is easier to use is being able to display the current time and remaining show time by pressing the "select" button. Gertting this info is a little more difficult with the Tivo.

    All of these devices might be boat anchors if the ATSC 3.0 rollout goes as planned.
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    It does not look like it is going to get rolled out in a hurry. TV stations spent a great deal of money to just to get to digital TV and HD. Not to mention consumers having again to get new tuners which support ATSC 3.0, and possibly new antennas.

    The advantage of ATSC 3.0 may not be 4k, as much as more sub-channels can exist on one main channel. This will certainly help when a place like Denver has to move 8 main channels below channel 32. Thus, the best to hope for would be a 1080i, per main and sub-channel as something realistic.

    Unless stations are already buying up equipment and the FCC has started allocating frequencies, it could be 5 to 10 years, or more, for another digital conversion.

    This may be useful reading: http://www.tvtechnology.com/broadcast-engineering/0029/atsc-30-brings-flexibility-of-ip-to-broadcast/277732
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    By what I have read from station engineers that ATSC 3.0 will be here in time, but in the future. The stations will not have to give up their channels above 29 until ATSC 3.0 becomes viable. There is no reasonable way for all of their stations to move below 30 like in markets LA, NY, Chicago, etc where the dial is really loaded at this time. It took years before digital OTA became a reality. You are right that stations will have to upgrade to 3.0 as well as TV's/ There is a big cost there. Add to that the translators will also have to be upgraded. It cost the TV stations a huge amount of money to change to digital. I don't think they are happy to have to spend more money.

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