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OTA With Hopper Question?

Discussion in 'Hopper System Support Forum' started by khearrean, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. khearrean

    khearrean Godfather

    Mar 24, 2004
    S.E. Texas
    I am getting Dish to upgrade me from my current set-up of (2) 211k's to the Hopper. Since I also want SAT in (2) add'l rooms, I assume each room will require a Joey making it a Hopper in my main viewing room & (2) Joey's (one for each add'l room). I am also requesting the OTA module so I can continue to get my locals via OTA as well as via the SAT. I do this for (2) reasons; one in case I get rain-fade & lose SAT & the other is because my OTA antenna can pick up channels in other areas that the SAT won't get. So my question is this; since the OTA module connects to the Hopper only (because I assume there is no module for the Joeys), does that mean I will only be able to get the OTA signals in the room that has the Hopper? They are scheduled to do the install this Wednesday so I'd like to know what I need to tell the installer(s), although I would think he would know the answer.
    Last question; when I called Dish this morning, I told the retention CSR that I would only want SAT in (1) add'l room as I have now. But I've since decided I would like to also have it in our home office (where I have only had OTA). I assume I would need to call them back since an add'l Joey would be req'd? Is that correct?

  2. bbohl

    bbohl New Member

    Feb 8, 2010
    Joey's can see the OTA channels.
  3. foghorn2

    foghorn2 AllStar

    Jun 17, 2006
    Joey can see the OTA tuner, but if the hopper is recording or another joey has access to the tuner, you will get the tuner screen asking what you want to do. And you can only use one OTA tuner to the hopper for now. I wired the TV's to the OTA antenna also as an option when the hopper tuner is in use.

    And, yes call them back for another Joey install later on ,or buy your own and install it yourself- get a good three way splitter and replace the 2 way or use "tap" off the hopper feed. If go this route, you activate/deactivate the joey as needed. Do not mix the OTA with the joey feed in any way and you're good on the extra joey.

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