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    Jan 11, 2019
    Hello, I was looking at switching my hotel property from cable to directv because some of the channels have poor picture quality and I was told directv would offer a superior picture. Here is my question before I make the switch: Our current cable provider offers the local ABC, NBC, CBS,& FOX news stations from both Atlanta and Macon, GA. My property is situated in middle GA, in-between Atlanta & Macon GA (We are closer to Macon). Would I be able to get both the Atlanta and Macon local news affiliates or could pick and have directv set it up to where we only get Atlanta stations? I found a channel search site on directv's site that only brought up the local Macon, GA channels to my dismay. The overwhelming majority of our guests are either traveling from out of state or are on business/training in middle GA from the Atlanta metro area and in both cases prefer Atlanta news to stay in the know about what's happening in their home areas and/or for traffic updates. (As a side-note the news stations in Atlanta offer a far superior product since their budgets are greater-Only the local CBS in Macon is full HD, every other channel is cropped at the borders in OTA-HD). I would much rather prefer having the Atlanta stations. Upon doing research on FCC rules I found PDF on the FCC site that states for my county the Atlanta stations I would like to continue receiving are considered "significantly viewed" and therefore available for pickup from directv, however when searching via zip code on directv's site I am requested to select a county (My zip code stretches into a neighboring county) and when I select mines I only see the local Macon stations whereas the neighboring county that we share a zip code with gets the Atl stations. Please advise if I would be able to get Atlanta local stations or not. Thank you in advance!
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    You can see if they offer them by searching here:
    DIRECTV: Neighboring Local Channels

    Howver, they don't offer any neighboring locals within the Macon DMA. The Atlanta DMA offers some, but only in two counties, Chatooga county gets some Chattanooga stations, and Cleburne county in Alabama gets some Birmingham stations, no portion of the Atlanta DMA gets neighboring Macon stations.

    Depending on whatever solution you use for the hotel, and the reception, it might be possible to integrate OTA stations to a custom lineup. Like the Hyatt I stay at in Lexington for a convention uses DirecTV for their national and major local channels on their custom lineup, but they suppliment it with OTA to pick up a bunch of additional stations like CW HD, MyNetwork TV and subchannel nets like MeTV, KET2 and KET KY.
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    If you go to the site tvfool.com and input your address/city/zip information and the height you'd be able to mount an antenna (ideally as high as possible) you can see how good of reception you'd be able to get on the TV stations you are interested in.

    For a hotel your best possible solution is probably a headend like a COM3000, which is capable of integrating both Directv HD and OTA HD channels, along with channels you create (hotel information etc.) But whether that's the best solution for your particular case would depend on what kind of setup you have now, the wiring, the TVs, etc.

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