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    On May 6, Philo will be eliminating the $16 package for new subscribers. According to an email sent out recently to Philo subscribers, Those who have signed up for the $16 package prior to May 6, can continue to keep it. On May 6, the $20 package will be the only option offered.
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    I wonder if at $20/month and the channel selection, it is profitable and if it can keep customers without churn. It seems to be pretty reliant on Viacom channels, and the one concern there is Viacom's purchase of PlutoTV, although Viacom has no intention that I know to offer its channels there via paid subscriptions but Viacom has mentioned offering paid versions of PlutoTV (but not clear what it could offer). Most of Discovery's networks have made it to YouTubeTV and Sling also.

    According to articles and wikipedia, the owners of Philo are
    A&E Networks
    AMC Networks
    Discovery Inc.

    Disney, NBCUniversal, Fox, CBS and WarnerMedia channels likely will not be considered (too expensive, greedy and sports), but those channels have access to several other platforms.

    Philo did add Hallmark group of channels last year.

    As it offers GSN which is primarily owned by Sony, perhaps it could get GetTV national feed like Dish, and/or Sony Movie Channel and HDNet for a new enhanced package ($25/month) and start to fill more channels in there.

    It might be able to add FETV, INSP, Buzzr, Free Speech TV and some lower watched channels. Having a guide that can be integrated with over the air would be a plus. Sling has AirTV compatibility. Also I wonder if it can get Starz!, Showtime and Epix, as add-ons. It would make it competitive against Sling, but I'm not sure if the owners of Philo have any intention of expanding the service by much.
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