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Phone line noise with 322 ?

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by LAndr42, Apr 7, 2005.

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  1. LAndr42

    LAndr42 Registered User

    Apr 4, 2005
    I have had Dish network now for 1 month with nothing but problems after problems..

    Main problem is Phone line noises its so bad you cant talk on the phone .. I have Dsl and all filters are correct..

    I had two 322's had them both replaces.. Now i have a 522 Dvr and 322 and issue is still there ..

    They said they did have modem problems in older 322 ..

    When phone line is unplugged noise goes away and they dont care..

    Phone company and I traced it to the phone lines to the recievers ..

    I have had Tech after Tech here and Know one has solved the issue
    Now Dish Network wont do a thing to help me ..

    They wont drop the charges of the Phone line for me ..

    Has any one else had this issue and what did you do to correct it ??

  2. Big Bob

    Big Bob Godfather

    May 13, 2002
    A couple of thoughts.

    The jack that you are plugging into may be wired wrong. You can get a cheap analyzer from radio shack to check that. has two little LEDs on it. But first, try plugging your 322 into a different phone jack and see if the noise is still there.

    Could be a ground loop problem. Unplug everything from the 322, unplug the AC power, the dish, the tv, the vcr, the phone line, everything.

    Listen to the phone. you may need to dial one number to get the dial tone to go away. Plug the 322 into the phone line. Any noise? Plug the 322 into the AC power. Any noise? If there is, and the 322 has a 3 prong AC plug, some people might try to lift the ground by using a ground plug adapter. I am not recomending this, so if you try this and die, I am not to blame. If you do decide to risk your life and try this, and the noise goes away, then you know where your problem is.

    If you don't have any noise yet, slowly and carefully plug things in one at a time and listen between each to try and find when the noise starts. Note that it could be coming from multiple ground loops.

    Just because you find a ground loop, it doesn't mean that it will be easy to fix. But at least you will have a starting point.
  3. LAndr42

    LAndr42 Registered User

    Apr 4, 2005
    Big Bob,

    Thanks for the info... the first tech guy replaced the phone jacks and added a ground wirer to the main phone area ..

    Also, i tryed a new phone line to the reciever and it didnt help

    2nd Tech guy a diff one opened the jacks and said things are switched around and he used one of them phone testers you talked of with the 2 lights
    so he changed things around in the Jacks

    My noise all goes away when Phone line is disconnected from the Phone wall Jacks the 1st Man installed ..

    I even let the Tech at Dish Network hear it they said yes noise is bad and goes away when i unplugged the lines

    But they wont allow me to go with out the lines or i will be charged the darn 10.00 ..

  4. new04quest

    new04quest Legend

    Jan 25, 2005
    This is very wired. I tried both phone lines into my 322 receivers. I do not have any problem with it. I tried the Qwest phone line and Cable America Digital Voice phone line. The Cable America phone line connected to DSL modem, wireless router, digital phone adapter and to 322 receivers. Since digital phone come with only 1 line out, I have to use a splitter to create more lines. The digital phone line by Cable America is very clear. It is clearer than the regular analog Qwest phone.

    It seems as you are having grounding problem in your house. Good luck.
  5. twillers

    twillers Mentor

    Mar 10, 2005
    I just had a noise problem fixed on my phone line. My dial-up started to become slower & slower, but when it was raining or had rained recently the speeds went back up. I also noticed I got a noise from my cordless phone. That was stopped by removing the charger cord for my razor from the outlet the phone was plugged into. When I called the phone company, (Verizon) they tested the line from there location, and there was a problem. They determined the problem was in the outside line, because I had disconnected the inside lines before they did the test. The repairman determined the problem was a mile or two from my house, between 2 telephone poles. The problem was solved, and for some reason I don't hear a noise in the phone any more when the charger cord is left plugged in. Figure that one out.
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