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Picture is 'splotchy'

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Feb 14, 2002.

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    90% of the time my picture is great. But 10% of the time (and most of the time on UPN), the picture looks like a PC monitor set on 256 colors. A face on the screen should be made up of many continuous shades of color. The faces on my TV look like a bulls-eye with two or three solid rings of color. Is it a software problem...as if the compression is set too high? Is it just me? It happens way too often and may send me back to cable. Anyone have any similar experiences and/or solutions?
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    I'm gonna take a shot at it and say it's probably a Dish Network problem. We all have had some PQ issues, although it has gotten better.

    Hopefully the new Spotbeam satellite which launches the 21st of this month will eventually help us out some.
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    This effect is called color posturization and is a direct result of mpeg compression. It was really bad at the beginning of January because of must-carry, but has gotton a little better this month. Dish has a new satellite going up next week (hopefully) and once it's online in April, we are all hoping that the compression can be lessened to get rid of this effect (at least partially).
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