please help, autopay serious headaches due to AT&T/Directv issues

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  1. hoopsrgreat

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    Sep 4, 2006
    I used to frequent this site daily. I havent been here in several years, but I have returned since I have issues.

    I have been a directv subscriber since 1999 and have never had complaints. Now we have AT&T in the mix, and here we go.

    We have been on auto pay for a long time. My wife had our AT&T account merged with directv account. All of sudden, we get a notification that we are passed due on our account with a june 14 disconnect date. My wife calls and apparently AT&T and directv are demerging ... I dont know exactly what they called it, but apparently our accounts are back separate again and the money that was coming out of our account for auto pay was going into the cloud somewhere because they have no idea.

    So, my wife was on phone for over 2 hours, switched to 7 different csrs, disconnected once and they still didnt have it figured out. We had places to be so I get on the phone as my wife (who is in business and very calm) has finally reached the end of her rope, I ask the guy on the phone what he expects from me. He says that they are going to ... blah, blha, blah on their end. I tell him I am giving him 15 minutes that I will continue to stay on the phone. If they havent gotten this handled in 15 more minutes... keep in mind this would push these cals to over 2.5 hours, that I will be hanging up the phone and they can call me back when they are done doing what they needed to do. I waited on hold for 17 more minutes before hanging up the phone. We still have not heard back from them.

    I am now considering the unthinkable for me, which is canceling Direct tv. This would be painful for me as Sunday Ticket is HUGE for me. I am a huge NFL fan and this would be very painful.

    We can no tbe the only people impacted by these internal changes and how autopay cistomers are impacted. Suggestions on how to deal with this?
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    I had auto pay do this to me a couple of time when I was just dealing with AT&T phone service and I got a new card, same number, but a new expiration date.
    Their problem is that for some stupid reason their system does not pick up immediately. It picks up when the second payment is due. So dumb. Working with computers, things should happen immediately.

    I have stocks with Merrill and if I buy or sell something I can see it right away. However my cash balance does not change. They told me that they do a batch process at midnight. After that, the cash balance is correct.

    I have been on Auto Pay ever since 1996 with DirecTV. When it switched to AT&T I did not have any problems.

    Bottom line, you make a change to your account in almost any way you are going to get screwed up billing until it is finally straightened out.
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    Apr 15, 2013
    dothan al
    I never merger 2 account together it never work out.
  4. TANK

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    I would suggest you use the chat instead of calling in. Use it during the day ( M-F )because you have a better chance of getting a csr in the USA .
    Explain your problem to csr.
    99% chance they can't help you,then ask that someone from the de-escalation dept (seems to be the old retention dept from D*) to call you while you wait on chat. If they don't call and drop you from chat,do it again and complain.

    Since they took your money , I would mention that your next call is to a lawyer.

    I always document any call with time started and finished ,the date,the problem and also print out the chat conversation ( chat also gives you the name of the csr ). All the information is helpful for asking for credits for time you have wasted by their billing problem.
  5. jimmie57

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    Jun 26, 2010
    Texas City, TX
    One more suggestion: Never let anyone take Auto Pay out of your bank account.
    Have it set up to a charge card. You have more traceability and leverage going thru a credit card than your bank.
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