Pluto TV Adds Channels.

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    Pluto TV Expands, Reorganizes Channels

    ViacomCBS’s Pluto TV has added a dozen channels and updated its interface to make discovery, navigation and viewing more user-friendly.

    The update includes a reorganization of its hundreds of channels and the addition of some new content categories.

    The streaming service — which reports that its monthly active users have reached more than 33 million — now has 15 categories, including Movies, Entertainment, Featured, News + Opinion, Reality, Crime, Comedy, Classic TV, Home + DIY, Explore, Sports, Gaming + Anime, Music, Latino, and Kids.

    The 12 new channels are Dabl, Johnny Carson TV, Western TV, The Rifleman, Demand Africa, Three’s Company, Classic TV Comedy, Classic TV Drama, Loupe, Pluto TV Love Stories, Pluto TV Suspense and Pluto TV Fantastic.
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    Pluto TV is kicking off October by adding 12 channels to is free streaming lineup. The new additions include two old favorites, Pluto TV 007 and One Day at a Time, and 10 new channels.

    • Pluto TV 007: The action, cars, and shaken (not stirred) martinis of the world’s greatest super spy are now in one place: Pluto TV 007. Watch Connery, Moore, Lazenby, Dalton, and Brosnan 24 hours a day, 007 days a week.
    • One Day at a Time: This is it! Relive the classic moments from Executive Producer Norman Lear’s Emmy-winning sitcom One Day at a Time, along with select episodes of Lear’s groundbreaking hit All in the Family, all together on one channel.
    • 90210: The series that defined a generation is now on Pluto TV. Catch the drama of the original sensation, plus the spin-offs Melrose Place and 90210, any time you want.
    • Pluto TV 007 en Espanol: La acción, los autos, los martinis y el traje impecable del Espía más famoso del mundo están ahora en un solo lugar: Pluto TV 007. Mira a Connery, Moore, Lazenby, Dalton y Brosnan las 24 horas del día, 007 días a la semana.
    • Pluto TV Crime Movies: Cops and robbers, conmen and convicts, gangsters and grifters — the toughest guys on both sides of the law are on Pluto TV Crime Movies. Titles include: Hoodlum, Way of the Gun, Boondock Saints, Basic Instinct, and The Friends of Eddie Coyle
    • Pluto TV Staff Picks: Having trouble choosing a movie? Let us help! The team at Pluto TV has curated a channel of the very best films we have to offer, from all-time classics to recent discoveries. Find something you’ll love on Pluto TV Staff Picks.
    • 90s Throwback: The coolest decade in film history now has its own dedicated channel on Pluto TV. Pump up your sneakers and strap on your fanny pack for your favorite blockbuster hits and indie darlings, 24 hours a day. Titles include: The First Wives Club, Mermaids, Foxfire, Deep Impact, and Welcome to the Dollhouse
    • 70s Cinema: Hollywood changed forever in the 1970s when the studio system collapsed, and renegade filmmakers took over. Now relive the award-winning classics and drive-in theater favorites of the era on Pluto TV’s 70s Cinema. Titles include: The Conversation, Up in Smoke, and Harold and Maude
    • Vevo Reggaetón & Trap: Los videos más nuevos de reggaetón, latin trap y dancehall! J Balvin, Feid, Karol G y más!
    • Vevo R&B: From groove to smooth, videos to get your vibes right! Khalid, Kiana Ledé, 6LACK, and more!
    • Vevo Country: Nothing but hit videos from the biggest artists! From Luke Combs to Kane Brown, all your faves are right here!
    • Vevo ‘70s: The Me Decade’s biggest songs from Pop, R&B, Rock, and Country! Featuring Bruce Springsteen, ABBA, The Temptations, Blondie and more!
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    They really need to use some kind of volume leveling on the music channels. The volume level jumps all over the place upon each video they play and it's highly annoying.

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