Power Managers vs. Surge Protectors

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    Power Manager vs. Surge Protector
    I currently own a Panamax M4300-PM but now does not have enough outlets. I could combine two power cords into one with a splitter or buy a new surge protector such as a Bell'O Model ASG3010 10-Outlet 3240 Joules Home Entertainment Surge Protector with USB Charger.

    My big concern and question is if the Panamax M4300-PM's features are truly more beneficial than the more basic features of the Bell'O ASG3010?


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    I would suggest you add a 1500 UPS -plug M4300 into one of the Battery Backup outlets and us the UPS for addtional outlets needed-Letting the ups do all power condition for you.

    Surge protectors only work ONCE -after that (and) you won't know when that time was - so the next one will get through a UPS prevents that.
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    I use a surge suppressor strip plugged into one of my UPS outlets and 4 other things plugged into the UPS. They all use small amounts of electricity, just needed more places to plug things. Been working since 2010 ? .
    I have 3 systems hooked up this way.
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