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Power saver not so smart after all

Discussion in 'DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion' started by TomCat, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. TomCat

    TomCat Broadcast Engineer

    Aug 31, 2002
    FYI: Apparently the algorithm for PS is as simple as restarting a timer after each remote button press, and when it gets to 4 hours, buh-bye.

    OK. Fair enough. So what happens at the 4-hour mark if you are trying to dub off a folder full of programs in consecutive order to a DVDR? (I only do this when I have a dying DVR that will not record but will play back).

    You guessed it. Buh-bye!

    So the object lesson here: if you need to play a folder full of more than 4 hours of programs, turn PS off.
  2. joed32

    joed32 Hall Of Fame

    Jul 27, 2006
    I thought everyone shut that "feature" off.
  3. Richierich

    Richierich Hall Of Fame

    Jan 10, 2008
    I Shut that Power Saving Feature off the first day I got it.
  4. RunnerFL

    RunnerFL Well-Known Member

    Jan 4, 2006
    What else do you think would happen at the 4 hour mark with no activity and the power saving option on? Duh...
  5. gfrang

    gfrang Hall Of Fame

    Aug 29, 2007

    Yea it usually takes me some time to get with the program but after falling asleep whit the tv on and waking up in total darkness i decided to shut that feature off and don't miss it at all.
  6. Mike Greer

    Mike Greer Hall Of Fame

    Jan 20, 2004
    Salt Lake...
    Not even sure why it is there - it doesn't actually shut down anything but the outputs and lights and doesn't save any power....

    Maybe some TVs will shut off after a certain amount of time with no signal? Maybe that's why they call it 'power saving'?
  7. chicagojim

    chicagojim Legend

    Sep 13, 2006
    Yeah - it can't even understand that you are streaming an app like Pandora. It shuts down regardless. The logic for power management was shoved in half-baked IMO, making it a worthless feature. :nono2:
  8. hilmar2k

    hilmar2k Hall Of Fame

    Mar 18, 2007
    I leave it on for my bedroom TV. I set the sleep timer on the TV and the receiver shuts itself off sometime thereafter.
  9. skoolpsyk

    skoolpsyk Mentor

    May 24, 2007
    I tested it with a "Kill-a-watt" meter and the draw was 3 watts with the power on and exactly the same with the power off.
  10. Laxguy

    Laxguy Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense.

    Dec 2, 2010
    Yes, the latter is where the potential savings are. Some people leave their sets on all night without it. I don't use it either, but YMMV, or you have no mileage with it at all.
  11. Drucifer

    Drucifer Well-Known Member

    Feb 12, 2009
    NY Hudson...
    It's only set to ON in my bedroom for the oblivious reason.
  12. dsw2112

    dsw2112 Always Searching

    Jun 12, 2009
    Either that a typo, or your kill-a-watt isn't working correctly :eek2:
  13. BBM3

    BBM3 Mentor

    Oct 26, 2007
    I tried with an H24-700 and I saw 17 watts ON, 16 watts OFF (using the power button on the front panel).

    I am going to let the automatic power saving feature do it's thing and see what if any difference that makes. I'll report back in ~4 hours.

    4 hours later the H24-700 is now in power saving mode and still drawing 16 watts.

  14. allenn

    allenn Icon

    Nov 19, 2005
    A watt saved is a watt earned. My wife falls asleep with the TV off and the DVR's blue light filling the room. At least the power saver turns the light off, and I don't have to wrestle the remote from her which would not be a good thing! Best wishes!
  15. BBM3

    BBM3 Mentor

    Oct 26, 2007
    I guess the 1 watt difference is most likely due to the front panel LED's going black.

    Just sharing my results.
  16. Mike Bertelson

    Mike Bertelson 6EQUJ5 WOW! Staff Member Super Moderator DBSTalk Club

    Jan 24, 2007
    Actually, I would have thought that it wouldn't go into Power Save mode while it's playing recordings so I understand his point. It's not an unreasonable expectation.

    Regardless everyone let's be respectful of our posters.

  17. TomCat

    TomCat Broadcast Engineer

    Aug 31, 2002
    Well, Duh!, I consider playing back a series of programs an activity. Wouldn't you?

    After all, it says right on the GUI that I can play back all of the programs in order by pressing play. To me that is an activity, and any activity should abort PS. It doesn't.
  18. TomCat

    TomCat Broadcast Engineer

    Aug 31, 2002
    I still think there is something else going on here. Otherwise, why would my DVR report 129 degrees when awakened from "off", yet only report 120 degrees when awakened from PS, all in the same temp-controlled environment? A single watt will not raise the internal temp that much.
  19. RunnerFL

    RunnerFL Well-Known Member

    Jan 4, 2006
    Are you pressing buttons on your remote while the recording plays? If not then there's no activity according to the system.

    Activity = pressing a button on your remote.
  20. xtc

    xtc Legend

    Jun 26, 2004
    bottom line, does this feature actually save us any money on our power bill? that would determine if I leave that feature on or off.

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