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Prisim Users..how is it working for you?

Discussion in 'Cable TV Discussion' started by Nimble1, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. Nimble1

    Nimble1 New Member

    Apr 1, 2005
    I have had Prisim TV for several months now and generally like it OK. The primary reason for leaving Dish was the drop-outs from frequent thunder showers here in SW Fla. Well, the issues are not much better with Prisim..frequent pixelation issues, having to reboot the DVR unit often or restart the gateway.
    To be honest, Centurylink has been helpful and attempted to resolve the issues but I think they really bit off more than they can chew and the system was not ready..
    Hopefully it will get better as they upgrade the lines and systems or I will be considering a change.
  2. Trekkie

    Trekkie New Member

    May 7, 2007
    I got it here in Wake Forest, NC beginning of September. I was tired of losing my TV every time a few clouds came by (exaggeration, but it was annoying and when the DVR recorded anyway and skipped the few hours later show, it got real old)

    I also was tired of $150 a month for TV, when it seems Prism is much less. right now for two phone lines, DSL, and all the TV channels I'm at $190. Think it'll go up another $20 when the last promotion falls off.


    I have not had to reboot my DVR yet. I had some initial issues because they swapped out the DVR at the last second, and forgot to provide the system with the new DVR number so I needed to reboot a few times.

    I have had issues with how the devices work (One DVR, and one STB) on my existing network. They, in short, destroy it when HD is going. The work around is to not use the same network for your computers as you do for the devices. For me this meant going to Coax to the TVs (HPNA) and keeping my ethernet network in place.

    I'm wired / wireless throughout both floors using Apple Time Capsule and Base Station. Prior to Centurylink installation I had a net gear converting their DSL to wired, and then gigabit links to both floors.

    When I plugged the STB into the Time Capsule or AEBS (doesn't matter, either one) and if I started to either record or watch an HDTV stream it effectively destroys anything connected to those device(s). Wired or Wireless, I'm not sure what exactly is happening whether it's QOS or if it's the 100Mb ethernet ports on the Cisco device are horrible but basically only the STB works.

    Since I only had one RJ45 going to that room and my AEBS was plugged into it, I moved the STB over to Coax and problem is gone. I've also been told if you dedicate the STB to a single port on the Cisco and plug your other devices into another port that solves it as well, however I didn't have/ didn't want to run another ethernet line up to that room and to my other TV.

    I haven't had the time to experiment more with other options (dedicated wireless network, etc) but after I got around it, I wasn't as annoyed as I was before. Yesterday I spent the first long amount of time watching TV on the 'second' TV via the DVR. I had a few glitches int he video stream on multiple shows recorded over various times, and it's hard to know if it was the device glitching or the original recording. However it was minor, and not a lot different from the signal flickers I got on DirecTV.

    They deliver it to my home via twin bonded DSL lines. They were unable to get me the 10Mb/s for my TV but I'm about 6200 ft from the CO so I'm at the edge. I can only get 3Mb/s on my internet and the rest is consumed by the TV. It appears I'm getting about 22Mb/s total to the Cisco, with 17Mb consumed by Prism and the last 3Mb given to my internet.

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