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Pro Brand Intros Multiswitch For DirecTV Installs

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by -, Jan 29, 2002.

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    Pro Brand International was recently approved by DirecTV to produce the Integrated Y-Adapter/Multiswitch for the satellite platform's multi-satellite and DirecTV Para Todos dish antennas.

    The unit has a four-output multiswitch and SAT C combiner all built into the Y-adapter of a Multi-Sat ODU. The Integrated Y-Adapter/Multiswitch has plug-in F-connectors so that any of the three LNBF's (101 degrees, 110 degrees, 119 degrees) may simply be plugged in. The four independent outputs are jumper cables with female F-connectors that slide through the feed arm of the dish.

    Pro Brand also carries, under its Eagle Aspen trademark, a Quad Diplexer, and its mini-diplexers to allow anyone to add off-air to their receivers.

    For more information on Pro Brand's products, please visit www.pbigroup.com/test-web/product1.htm or call Pro Brand International at 770-423-7072.

    From SkyRetailer (Used with permission)
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