Problem - with 119 or LNB or??? - multi-switch - etc.. - Anyone knows?

Discussion in 'Technical Talk (Closed Forum)' started by Darkman, Jul 28, 2002.

  1. Darkman

    Darkman Hall Of Fame DBSTalk Gold Club

    Apr 16, 2002
    Hi all.
    Here is a situation - any ideas, suggestions?:
    I have 18" DTV - 101 Satellite dish - with single LNB.
    I also have 24" Dishnet's 119 satellite dish - with dual LNB...Was only using one output from 119's LNB i ve been told - i can get DTV 2-1 Switch, 22khz, and use the second output from 119's LNB and my 101 DTV one with this DTV's multi-switch and bring both DTV satellites - 101 and 119 - into one IRD ( 5 gen 420RE by the way )
    ...and still be able to watch Dishnet's 119 from first LNB's line...

    SO i did that - went and got some DTV's 22khz multiswitch 2-1, connected both satellites to the switch, then to IRD...
    Firstly i wasn't getting much signal at all..
    On the switch's label - it said Dish 1 / to IRD / Dish 2 - so i had 101 connected to Dish 1 and 119 connected to Dish 2...
    I saw a picture somewhere on internet of switch where the label showed on switch (if looked directly on it) - Dish 2 / to IRD / Dish 1...
    And i heard that only one satellite has to be connected to 22khz (forgot which one now - but think it was 119)...
    Before switching around - i tried one at a time (just directly to IRD) - and Was getting programming from 101 by itself - No Problem (as used to)...and was also getting programming from 119 connected to IRD by itself too - NO problem!
    So I know - it is not the line(s)
    So now i reconnected ends to the switch - 119 to Dish 1 and 101 to Dish 2 - tried - and was getting programming...
    So i guess my switch's label: Dish 1/ IRD/ Dish 2 is wrong and should have been: Dish2 / IRD / Dish1
    but - the programming i was getting: was getting 119's no problem, but 101's channels - only some were there - the other ones was not even there or were cutting in/out (as if the signal streanth was Low)..checked the signal streanth by the way and it was fine,
    Then - i futher experimented - and disconnected 101 from switch - leaving only 119 on switch - and was getting all 119's channels No problem,
    Then - i disconnected 119 from switch - and left only 101 on switch - and was getting all 101 channels No problem too..
    So basically something is fishy..
    This morning i tried something else...
    my Dishnet's 119 (from first LNB's output) connected with 61.5 on the sw21 switch...So - i disconnected 119 from Dishnet's sw21 switch.. then i connected 101 together with 119 back to DTV's 2-1 switch, put TV on - and was getting channels from both 101 and 119 - NO PROBLEM!!! = the way supposed to be - i guess...
    Futher - connected the other 119 back to sw21 - checked DTV TV - again same prob - 101's channels - some there, but some cutting out or not there at all...- disconnected the other 119 again from sw21 - checked DTV TV - No problems whatsoever! - so i checked this few times..the same thing..
    then i tried further: I took Dishnet's 119 and connected it without sw21 (so without 61.5) directly to Dishnet's IRD - checked DTV TV - same problem,...disconnected 119 from Dishnet - checked DTV - No Problem!!!

    So that is my problem - what do you People think it is?
    My Dual LNB maybe from 119 Dish?

    (few days ago, before i got DTV's switch i tried something else and found some other abnormalities:
    I had connected that 119 with 61.5 with SW21 to this i took second 119's line and connected with my 110 with another sw21 switch to my other Dish's IRD - and noticed not normal things:

    on second IRD ( 119 and 110 ) lets say ch 101 (help line) was on ..and on first IRD ( 119 and 61.5) - i was changing channels (in the 119s channel block) while i was changing channels - i noticed: on above Second IRD (119 and 110 connected ) on ch. 101 - while changing channels on First IRD - ch. 101 was cutting out and back in (with "aquiring Sat .Signal" box showing often too)...then i checked channels on this Second IRD - and noticed that some channels were Missing - like from 110 i think - ch 111 etc..
    after disconnecting 119 line from other IRD, all channels came back no problem to this IRD..and were all there as used to be, and no more "aquiring sat. signal" when switching channels etc...

    So what do you think my problem is? - that dual LNB on my 119's dish? (it is used one i think by the way)...If so - hmmm - it works ok with as Single output but not ok as Dual output then...?
    Or whatelse my problem might be?
    Because after all this tests - switches i think are OK, including this New DTV's 2-1, 22khz one..(i got it to work after all, with disconnecting other 119 from Dishnet)

    Please - any comments and suggestions!!!
    Thanks in advance
    and Thanks for listening..
  2. JohnH

    JohnH Hall Of Fame

    Apr 22, 2002
    I have an LNBF that has crosstalk between the 2 halves and it was doing very similar things to what you describe. You might try changing the 119 LNBF and see what happens.
  3. Darkman

    Darkman Hall Of Fame DBSTalk Gold Club

    Apr 16, 2002
    Change it to what? - to New one?
    What kind? - any kind dual New one?
    Does it mean my current LNBF could be deffective?
    What does "crosstalk between 2 halves" mean? - deffective?

    thanx a lot for your reply?
  4. Mike500

    Mike500 Hall Of Fame

    May 10, 2002
    It's about a hardware conflict, like in computers. You need to try a different brand of lnb for either. The easiest to try is to use the same brand of lnb's. If you still have the same problem, the switch is defective. This reminds me of the days of working with ISA bus computers, 386's and 486's. Some hardware could never be made compatible. We just switched to another brand.
  5. Darkman

    Darkman Hall Of Fame DBSTalk Gold Club

    Apr 16, 2002
    i know what you mean..
    the switch is ok though i think...

    will have to try to change lnb to New one (and then maybe to different brand too if needed) to see what is going on..
    When i get it though...
    and when get time, etc..

    thanx a lot
  6. defiant324

    defiant324 New Member

    Apr 1, 2005
    I'm not 100% sure that I'm clear on what you're trying to do. It sounds to me like you want the ability to get programming from either dish/provider, much like some people get satellite AND keep cable. If this is all you're trying to do, you need a DIPLEXER- actually you need TWO DIPLEXERS and they need to be capable of passing the frequencies of both providers. DirectTV contractors do have them, and there is a "custom" charge but I don't know how much. You may need to contact them & put in an order to have a tech come out and install the devices. Keep in mind, however, that one provider's authorized home service provider cannot guarantee reception/transmission of their competitor's satellite signal thru the device that the tech installs.
  7. Darkman

    Darkman Hall Of Fame DBSTalk Gold Club

    Apr 16, 2002
    Wow .. old thread :)

    I hear you though....

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