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Discussion in 'DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion' started by bjlc, Dec 1, 2020.

  1. bjlc

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    Aug 20, 2004
    in the past HR 44 starts flashing screens of 'snow"... like the tv is off line...if I hit the reboot it comes back for a few days.. this unit is at least 6 years old if not older.. what is the perferred unit to get back from Directv? and then I assume I lose every thing...on my old dvr.. I have two mini genies as well. thanks for your kind help..
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    May 17, 2010
    Perform a System Test on your HR44 to see if that identifies your issue. Also check your cables and connections. If your HR44 is shot and needs replacing you will lose the recordings on it because they are encrypted to the HR44 and cannot be transferred. If you replace your HR44 with another HR44 it will not trigger a new commitment. If you replace your HR44 with either a HR54 or HS17 it is considered a upgrade and will trigger a new commitment. The HR54 has a 1 TB HD. It can be connected to a TV and works with DVRs, Receivers and Clients. For 4K service it needs a C61K-700 client. The HR54 works with one 4K stream at once. The HS17 is a headless server and cannot be connected to a TV. It has a 2 TB HD and only works with clients. For 4K service the HS17 needs a C61K-700 client. The HS17 works with two 4K streams at once.
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    yeah, run BIST; reboot and hold Select button in a middle of
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    6-year-old 44 with a 6-year-old hard drive in it? The easiest thing you can do is replace it. Your other option is to put a new HDD on/in it. You will lose all your recordings either way. If you get a replacement it will probably be a refurb with an older HDD in it and you will have the same problems up the road. The diagnostic tests will not pick up a degraded HDD.

    But, if you put an external drive on the 44 and leave the original HDD in it, you should be able to go back and forth between the old internal drive and the new external drive and watch down the contents of the old, degraded drive. All you have to do is shut off the external device and reboot the 44 to watch down the content.

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    The "correct" way to perform a BiST is the following...Reset your receiver. Using your DIRECTV remote when you see "Just a few more seconds..."on your TV screen press the SELECT button. This will bring up the BiST menu if you timed it right. Follow the prompts. You can also press the SELECT button when you see "Running receiver self check". :rolleyes:
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    Feb 3, 2006
    This thread has me wondering...what is the life expectancy of an HR44? Mine is about 7 years old and still running fine. Should I expect problems soon? Besides a new contract, what is the cost of upgrading to an HR54 or HS17 (I don’t have the protection plan)? Is there a cost benefit to waiting until my HR44 starts acting up (i.e., will DIRECTV replace it for free?)?
  7. carl6

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    If you have a 4K television, you can upgrade to 4K, which will force an HR54 or an HS17. The main limiting item in any DVR is the hard drive, and 7 years is a good life already, so yes there is risk it could fail (and it could run for years longer).

    I don't know what the cost is, you'll have to call AT&T to find out.
  8. harsh

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    If you keep your DVR cool, it has the potential to run for a long time. Bad power and heat are what do the most damage (ignoring lightning) and if you reduce those risks, you place the life expectancy further out than the average.

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