Problems Autorecording MLB Extra Innings, Wishlist

Discussion in 'DIRECTV DVR with TiVo Discussion' started by bldxyz, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. bldxyz

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    Aug 18, 2006
    Completely stumped DirecTV Support!

    • I have a THR-22
    • I have a subscription to MLB Extra Innings
    • I have a Wishlist (autorecorded) set up for one team
    • Sometimes, I get recordings of games that are "Not Recorded" for an "unknown reason" (as the History shows), but only when autorecorded on channels 700+, as opposed to manually set for channels in the 600 range
    • Yesterday, I watched part of a game live, but today when I went to view the recording of it, it was "Not Recorded"
    What it looks like: I'll see a show in the Now Playing List, and it will show it as having recorded "Partial", and only for the amount of time for the buffer I added at the end. So, for example, I had a game autorecorded for 6 hours with a 1.5 hour buffer at the end, and when I view it, it starts playing back at 6:00 and then shows 1.5 hours of the DirecTV logo with music in the background.

    The Recording History shows "This program was not recorded because of an unknown reason. If you continue to encounter this problem, try restarting the DIRECTV-TiVo DVR." I have tried restarting the DVR -- no change.

    The baffling thing: I can always see the broadcasts live. I can flip through the channels and, so long as a game is on that channel, I see the game live. Also, I have only seen this happen when I autorecord, and it picks a channel in the 700s. If I specifically choose a program in the 600s (the main RSN channel that is mapped to the 700s), I never have the blank recording.

    The DirecTV Support folks ran through all sorts of tests and couldn't come up with anything. They only think that they should send me a service call (and for me to pay $49 for the service call), which might only result in the guy switching out my receiver, which may not fix the issue anyway.

    Has anyone else been seeing this?
  2. codespy

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    Mar 29, 2006
    Interesting....I do not have MLB, but I do an ARWL for my crappy Brewers, but "unchecked" my MLB channels in the 700's because of recording issues. The FRO never works for baseball, so I do the RAFR option. My games are typically on 669-1, but every once in a while the THR22 will pick the other Fox regional sports network channel for the opposing team, and will not play in the NPL because of 'searching for authorized content'. You may have found a new bug. I would post in the 0x01B5 issues thread in the hope of a future software update to fix this issue.

    I can say this with not waste your MONEY or TIME with the $49 service call. The Techs (especially around here) barely install any of the TiVo's, plus usually are not savvy with them when it comes to problems, and are not really all that great troubleshooting software features on the DirecTV branded DVR's. You may find better success on the forums at so their agents can be made aware of the issue. Good luck.

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