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PS2 will be getting it's first HDTV game!

Discussion in 'HDTV Equipment (Closed Forum)' started by -, Mar 13, 2002.

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    I hope this is true. It would be a great way for the PS2 to compete with the XBox.
    EA Canada has recently confirmed that it's upcomming title Sled Storm for the PS2 will in fact have support for those lucky enough to own High Definition Television sets.

    According to EA's press release for Sled Storm, it will feature 1080i 16:9 resolution support on HD sets. The announcement is a bit surprising since it was widely believed that the PS2 was not capable of any true HD display rates. Since the 1080i resolution will place a large load on the GPU, and the addition width of the 16:9 picture will compound the problem, frame rate will be a closely watched issue with this title.

    <a href="http://www.digitalbackspin.com/news/get-news.asp?id=855&catid=28&cpg=get-news.asp" target=none>FULL STORY</a>
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    That would be something to see, if they can pull it off. Is the processor in the PS2 fast enough to handle that much data, though?
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    Guess I will need to go get the PS2 out of my truck and go purchase some component video cables to see this new 1080i game.

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