Question on broken receivers needed replacement and contracts

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by smileyw, Oct 26, 2019.

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    I am a VERY long time DTV customer. I have an HR54 (which works fine), an HR20 that has some problems and requires a reboot every 1-3 days, and an HR23 that just completely died. I also have an HR44 in my closet, (but I assume I can't use that as a replacement for one of the older receivers?)
    I absolutely do not want to sign a contract again. I suspect 2 years from now I will be long gone from DTV...
    I'm trying to figure out what options I have. Can I just buy one (or two) of these DVR's that claim to be "owned"? If so, how do I know I will not have a problem later. Or how about one of the Genie clients? If I buy those will I end up in a contract again? Last time these didn't even tell me I was getting into a contract again (which wasn't a problem, but they never even told me!), and I don't want that to happen again.
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    Replacing defective equipment with the same type of equipment (Example: HR24 for another HR24) will not trigger a new contract. In your case your HR20 and HR23 will be replaced with HR24s and will not trigger a new contract. Replacing your defective equipment (HR20 and HR23) with clients probably will trigger a new contract. DIRECTV policy is one Genie per account. Seeing how you're currently using a HR54 adding the HR44 will not be allowed.
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    And they will try and push the clients and maybe even the HS17. To get replacements, you should only have to pay $20 S/H for each. And you won't need an installer, so no $99 installation fee.

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