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Discussion in 'DISH™ High Definition Discussion' started by wdingus, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. wdingus

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    Feb 9, 2004
    I'm wondering if anyone might be able to make some suggestions as to my best upgrade path?

    I've been a Dish customer for 10+ years. Currently I have a 508 and a 5000 receiver. Both TVs have been upgraded to HD though and I'm looking to upgrade both receivers. I see there are multiple "2 TV" receivers with the second output only being SD, so that wouldn't seem to be a good option. I'd like to be able to have a single receiver or 2 receivers "networked" but am not sure if that technology exists currently. DVR something on one but be able to view on either, with both being HD capable(?)

    So I've looked at Dish's site and see both the 622 and 722 and some of the smaller ones. [An additional question would be which receiver supports the 1080p they're advertising now, both the 622 and 722 spec sheets say 1080i.] I guess the 722 in "single mode" would be a good option for the primary and a 211 or 612 for the second where DVR abilities are less important. No way for it to display what the 6/722 have on their HD though right?

    I have a Dish500 as well as 2 separate (currently unused) Dish300's at 61.5 and no idea on the other. Is an upgrade to Dish1000 or "SuperDish" necessary or more precisely, would I gain anything as opposed to just sticking with what's already there? Multiple coax runs back to a large switch (unknown model off hand and it's difficult to get to).

    Packages, are any of the HD packages still only available to "new" subscribers? Is there anything in particular to ask for or watch out for? I have AT250 and some premiums and no locals. I think locals in my area require some oddball orbital spot. I can get pretty good OTA HD here so I'm not overly interested in locals via Dish, as long as the receiver with DVR capabilities can also record OTA.

    So anyway, sorry for so many questions, I've just not been keeping up with things as much as I used to. I did read multiple threads on here and while some helped, some just confused me more :)

  2. phrelin

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    Jan 18, 2007
    Vip612/622/722 DVR's have 2 satellite receivers and one OTA receiver. ViP622/722 have to sets of outputs, one with HD and one SD only. ViP612 has one set of outputs wit HD. Supposedly on the near horizon is a ViP722s DVR that's a 722 but with a module for OTA that provides 2 OTA tuners.

    It is not possible to share or access recordings via your home network. The only way to share recordings between ViP612/622/722 DVR's is to activate the external hard drive (EHD) feature on your account - a one time fee. You move the recordings to the EHD. You can then either play them from the EHD or move them to the box's internal hard drive. This EHD feature is not compatible with the ViP211 EHD system.

    The 1080p is only for VOD movies on a pay-per-view basis. It works because the movies are silently download to your ViP622/722 in a file that can only be accessed by paying for it. The choices are limited and not cheap.

    Others will probably be able to help with regard to dish hardware, but they'll need to know where you are located. The Eastern Arc and Western Arc use different equipment.

    Prices for packages are changing February 1. As a current customer, you will be eligible for more packages (TurboHD) at that time. The Feb 1 Rate increase! thread can offer some insight there.
  3. wdingus

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    Feb 9, 2004
    Thanks, very helpful.. I'm in Northeast Tennessee. Yeah I realized the 1080p was a VOD only thing but you'd think they'd mention the receiver is capable of outputting that mode in the sales literature for the receivers. I'll check out the price change thread about Feb 1 as well. Thanks again...
  4. wdingus

    wdingus Cool Member

    Feb 9, 2004
    Oh, a couple other things. I always like to find out all the facts I can before calling and playing CSR Roulette.

    The 922 looks very nice.. Available immediately or within weeks? Months? Anyone know?

    When doing a "switch check" my receiver reports the switch as "500 Quad". Will that work fine or will it need to be changed/upgraded? I'm a bit concerned because it's in a part of the basement that currently has a lot of "stuff" in the way and will be difficult to get to.

  5. Jim5506

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    Jun 7, 2004
    922 will probably be available by July.

    Dish 500 quad will be changed out for either a D1000.2 or a D1000.4.

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