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    From The Hollywood Reporter:

    In 2009-10, when Netflix had about 15 million subscribers and there were, per FX research, 216 scripted series across all platforms, the average network entertainment show drew a 2.88 rating among adults 18-49 (including a week of delayed viewing). By 2014-15, that average series had dropped to a 2.33 in the key ad demographic, and there were more than 400 scripted shows available. This season, the average show draws just under a 1.5 — little more than half what it was 10 years ago — in a TV universe where upward of 500 scripted series are projected to debut by year's end.​

    Ratings used to be significant and I posted here about them frequently. As near as i can tell the last thread I started was in the 2015-16 season About Nielsen ratings: live-plus-35-days is so now! What the quote above doesn't state is that at last report Netflix has 148.8 million subscribers globally, 60.2 million of whom are from the US. And it is just one of the numerous ad-free streaming options.

    Yet we still get broadcast network episode ratings numbers for the week and the implication is that the networks because of advertisers pay attention to those numbers. Meanwhile, even many old people like me watch streaming TV to avoid ads. I figure I have too little time left to waste watching ads or even pushing a skip or FF button.
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