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Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by -, Feb 2, 2002.

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    Anybody heard anything more on RCA IRD's being built for Echostar? Ever since I read the announcement, I haven't heard anymore.Be nice to know just how E* plans to use RCA.
    Any speculation? :)
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    Any place where E* products are sold, like Sears and Costco and other places you will probably see them on the shelves. And E* retailers like internet sites and installers will probably offer them for sale as well. I just wish they would have them in more retail offerings so if my reciever dies out of warranty I can go and drive down to my local Best Buy and get one. My attempt to do it at Sears was futile as they would only sell me a FULL new sub package with for the higher quality reciver (4900 or 501). Only way to buy a stand alone was a 2700 or 301. This might have changed lately but it pissed me off enough to not go back to sears again.

    I wonder what type of system they will provide, will it just be clones of the 501 and 301 or will it be a totally custom system based on what they think people will want (like a 301 with everything the 501 has but the PVR?)
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    Pure speculation but,I think RCA will make HD STBs and normal STBs, no PVRs. With the sucess RCA had with the DTC100, they might pack that IRDs relabilty into a HDSTB for E*. And normal STBs ranging from mid to high end, maybe something like the 4900. I dont think RCA will jump into PVRs becasue of the recent UTV situation. Again jsut some speculation.
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