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Really weird sports blackout related issue

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by Lee L, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. Lee L

    Lee L Hall Of Fame

    Aug 15, 2002
    Ok, my wife is a huge basketball fan and has always follwed the Tenessee Lady Vols. As many of their players are now in the WNBA, she actually likes to watch a WNBA game now and again.

    Last night, she tried to watch the Phoenix Mercury-LA Sparks game on 694 (we do have the Sportspack) at 10:30 eastern. When she tuned it, it said it was blacked out and it tried to find it with Gamesearch, but could not. In checking it seems the WNBA games are often blacked out on the sports pack channels, so we watched something we had recorded.

    However, when we were done about 50 mintues later, it dropped out to live TV and bam, the game was on. We figured that it did eventually find it with Gamesearch, but it turns out it was still channel 694. We watched for a minute or two and realized it was behind live (at first we figured that they delayed the start due to the NBA finals, but on hitting play, we saw the delay was 45-50 minutes.

    My wife hit play agai (I think, but I am not 100% sure) to make the bar go away and then the picture froze and the bar started moving in 1 minutes increments until it got to "live", repeating several times. The single Play triangle was visible. The picture never changed and no button presses did anything. We tried lots of things, but I finally got it to change to another channel. Hitting previous went right back to the same thing.

    After a couple of glitch filled issues getting to two channels we could receive, I finally went back to 694 and got the blackout message.

    Did the box just take a complete dump and start ignoring the blackout or did DirecTV's system do something wierd? This could well be some 1 in a million thing and no one has ever seen anything like this so I doubt I will get too much in the way of responses. This was an HR20-100 and one thing I can be sure of, it was recently rebooted. ;) Three times yesterday to be precise. :lol:

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