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Remote Control FAQ

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Tips and Resources' started by Greg Alsobrook, Dec 29, 2008.

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  1. Greg Alsobrook

    Greg Alsobrook Lifetime Achiever

    Apr 1, 2007
    Basic Functions:

    Note: Unlabeled remote control features are noted with an .

    TV INPUT - Changes the “source” (HD DVR, DVR, etc.) signal to watch on your TV
    FORMAT - Cycles through screen resolution options. Press & hold FORMAT for Native On/Off.
    MODE SLIDE SWITCH - Changes remote to control other equipment, for example, a DVD
    PWR - Power turns your HR-20 Plus HD DVR or other equipment on and off, as selected with MODE switch
    TV POWER ON OFF - Turns your TV and HR-20 Plus HD DVR on and off

    Cruise Controls
    STOP - In recorded TV, stops playback. In the To Do List, STOP deletes an item.
    REPLAY - Jumps back 6 seconds and plays video from that location
    BEGIN - Press and hold REPLAY for 3 seconds to jump to the beginning (or previous bookmark if set)
    REWIND - Press up to go back at 5, 12, 20, or 90 times normal speed!
    JUMP BACK - Press and hold 7 to jump back to previous tick mark (usually 15 or 30 minutes).
    ll PAUSE - Pauses current video.
    FRAME FORWARD - Press ll PAUSE and then 8 - FFWD to go forward one frame at a time
    FRAME BACK - Press ll PAUSE and then 7- REWIND to go back one second at a time
    | ADVANCE - (Slip) Jumps ahead in a recording - 30 second Slip in 1½ seconds. Press up to 20 times in a row!
    END - Press and hold ADVANCE for 3 seconds to jump to end of program (or next bookmark if set)
    PLAY - Play video. Also the Where Am I button (Time Bar). Press PLAY again to clear the time bar.
    SLOW - Press and hold PLAY for slow motion (like the old SLOW motion button)
    ® RECORD - Records current program.
    ® ® Press RECORD twice to record this program and future shows. (Series Link)
    FFWD - Fast Forward is 5, 12, 20, or 90 times normal speed!
    JUMP AHEAD - Press and hold FFWD to jump to next tick mark Skip is 300 times normal speed!.

    Guide Buttons
    GUIDE - Press once to see Channel Categories. Press GUIDE twice to see the on screen program Guide.
    ACTIVE - Access the Active™ Channel - local weather and more! Interactive Channels: 102 & 104
    LIST - Displays My Playlist (Also known as "My Video on Demand" or "Now Playing List")
    EXIT - Clears menu & returns to last channel. Also removes the time bar from the screen! Like old Live TV button.
    ▲►▼◄ARROWS - Move highlight to items in whatever direction needed
    SELECT - Selects the highlighted item
    BACK - Go to previous screen. - Press twice in recording playback: go where you were in My Playlist
    MENU - Displays Quick Menu of settings and services (previously know as TiVo Button & TiVo Central)
    INFO - Displays information about a program. Press & Hold INFO for hotlink to System Info screen.

    Color Buttons
    RED - In Guide: jumps 12 hours back. In Search Results: jumps 90 minutes back. In MyPlaylist: Deletes
    GREEN - In Guide, jumps 12 hours forward. In Search Results, jumps 90 minutes ahead.
    YELLOW - For TV, switches alternate audio. For Music & Photos, jumps between Music & Photos.
    BLUE - For live TV, displays the Mini Guide; other functions vary, in My Playlist marks program to be saved.

    Volume & Channel
    + VOL - Raises or lowers volume MUTE - Turns sound volume on/off
    CHAN , CHAN - In live TV, changes channel up or down. In a menu, such as the Guide, pages up or down
    PREV - Tunes to last channel viewed. Great for jumping back and forth between two live shows.
    NUMBER KEYS - Tune to a channel directly; also input numbers when needed in on screen menus;
    DASH - Use to enter a channel such as 232-1. Press twice to delete a show in My Playlist.
    ENTER - Activates channel number entries quickly

    See the Cool Interactive DIRECTV Remotes Demos! Click the buttons online! Gettinging Start Guide

    Thanks to Milominderbinder2 for the excellent documentation!

    Advanced Functions:

    -Super Skip to Tick:
    While rewinding, REPLAY button will jump back to the previous tick. While fast-forwarding, ADVANCE button will jump forward to next tick.

    -30 Second Skip:
    ►| Instantly advances 30 seconds. To enable, Keyword Search: 30SKIP

    -Triple Tap Input:
    Use the REMOTE control alpha keys to quickly input letters while searching for programming. E.g., pressing "2ABC" should sequentially input A, then B, then C with each press.
  2. Greg Alsobrook

    Greg Alsobrook Lifetime Achiever

    Apr 1, 2007
    You can program the DIRECTV Remote Control to operate your TV power, volume and mute, additional equipment such as a DVD, VCR, stereo, or second TV or DIRECTV Receiver.

    1. Press MENU > Help & Settings > Setup> Remote
    2. Follow the onscreen instructions to program your remote for your TV or additional equipment (TV, AV1,AV2)

    Once your remote is programmed to work with your TV, the VOL and MUTE key control the TV regardless of the MODE slide switch position. If you would like to change the VOL and MUTE to work with other audio equipment, such as a stereo, you can. When you program the remote for the audio equipment, onscreen instructions will direct you on how to do this.

    Find the codes for your devices here:

    -Remote Control Code Lookup
  3. Greg Alsobrook

    Greg Alsobrook Lifetime Achiever

    Apr 1, 2007
    To reset the remote control and clear all but DIRECTV mode, follow these steps:

    1) Point the remote away from your DIRECTV Receiver and components. Press and hold MUTE and SELECT until the light above the slide switch on the remote flashes twice (about 5 seconds).

    2) Enter 9-8-1. The light on the remote will flash twice, indicating you have cleared AV1, AV2 and TV modes.
  4. Greg Alsobrook

    Greg Alsobrook Lifetime Achiever

    Apr 1, 2007
    Possible Problems with Using the RF Mode
    1. Slow response times
    2. Double-clicks: the RF mode sometimes sends the same command a second time.
    3. Non-responsiveness: The recevier sometimes does not get every click.

    IR Mode
    Your DIRECTV satellite receiver defaults to IR mode. An Infra Red light beam is sent from the remote to an "eye" oin the front of the receiver.

    RF Mode
    Your DIRECTV remote may already have RF or Radio Frequency capabillities. Check the back of the remote for an FCC sticker. If it has this sticker, it is RF. In RF mode, the remote sends radio frequencies that can go through a cabinet door or even walls.

    Currently available RF compatible DIRECTV receivers include the H20, H21, HR20, and HR21. If you do not have an RF remote and your receiver is RF capable, you can order an RF remote from DIRECTV.

    The operating range of an RF Remote is up to 200 feet, with some possible decrease due to weak batteries or obstacles such as walls in your house. Once programmed, your RF Remote will be addressed to only one receiver, so will not affect other receivers in your home.

    RF Setup
    1. To setup an RF Capable Remote, press MENU>Help & Setting>Setup>Remote.
    2. Select the IR/RF Setup option. Follow the onscreen instructions to configure your remote.
  5. Greg Alsobrook

    Greg Alsobrook Lifetime Achiever

    Apr 1, 2007
    If your remote is not controlling your receiver, try these steps.

    1. Remove anything that is blocking the remote's "Line Of Sight" to the receiver.
    2. Is the Mode selector at the top of the remote set to the right setting (typically far left)?
    3. Have you replaced the remote batteries recently? Are you sure the new batteries were fresh? Are they in right?
    4. Can you control the receiver from the receiver front panel? Try pressing MENU.
    5. RESET the receiver: Press the red button under the receiver's front right access door.
    6. RESET the Remote Control to factory Defaults. Warning: This will remove all special settings you have entered.
    7. Call DIRECTV 1-800-531-5000 and say Tech Support at the voice prompt.
  6. Greg Alsobrook

    Greg Alsobrook Lifetime Achiever

    Apr 1, 2007
    • RC16 – Originally shipped with the DIRECTV D10 receivers, not able to be used on anything but a DIRECTV receiver (no legacy support) no RF capability, does not have a “format” button, no longer produced.
    • RC22 – Shipped with the Humax flat panel only, Still available but only available from Humax
    • RC23 – Used as the standard remote replacement for a while, also came with receivers after the RC16 was phased out. No RF capability, no longer produced.
    • RC24 – Originally shipped with the DIRECTV H10 receivers, RF capable, no longer produced.
    • RC32 – Replaced the RC23 as the standard remote, no RF capability, no longer produced.
    • RC32BB – Big Button universal remote, backlit, no RF capability, does not support interactive/hd only functions (format), still available.
    • RC32RF – Available separately as a RF remote, was also backlit, no longer produced.
    • RC34 – Originally shipped with DirecTV HD DVR’s, RF capable.
    • RC64 – Current remote for new units and replacements, no RF capability. Still available.
    • RC64R – Only ships with new HD DVR’s, has RF capability. Not available for replacements.
    • RC64RB – Available as a replacement with RF capability, is also backlit. Still available.
    • RC64S – Slim remote that comes with the DIRECTV Sat-Go. Still available.

    Thanks to Draconis.
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