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Replacement Plan and impact of known issue

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by hehateme, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. hehateme

    hehateme Mentor

    Jan 27, 2008
    I have had HR21-700 DVR for 4-5 years.
    In the past month the performance has been unbearable.
    It restarts by itself. When I press list/guide button it can take up to 5 minutes.
    Even changing channels can take 2-3 minutes. I have reset it multiple times but that is not helping.
    When we play recorded content it freezes all the time.
    I delete most of my recordings to free up space in the hard drive.
    I ran all the hardware tests but they don't show any error.
    My guess is that internal hard drive is dying.

    I called direct TV and they had me disable auto scrolling. It did not help.
    I was told that I am experiencing a know issue so they cannot replace the receiver.
    I have been a customer for many year and I have protection plan. So this reponse does not make sense.
    I talked to customer service and they offerred to give me $15 per month off for 1 year or give me a free HD Receiver but they will not replace HD DVR.
    I will be coming to end of my contract in less than 6 months.

    I have read in these forums that I should have told them that my DVR is dead. I would have saved a bunch of time and received my receiver.

    I am posting this so others can learn my mistake.was told that I am experiencing a know issue so they cann
  2. Jon J

    Jon J Grouch Extrordinaire

    Apr 22, 2002
    Music City, USA
    Your conversation needs to be directly with the Protection Plan department not the first line CSR you get. Failed equipment gets replaced with equivalent equipment.

    Try (888) 667-7463 which may put you in direct contact with the PP.
  3. harsh

    harsh Beware the Attack Basset

    Jun 14, 2003
    Salem, OR
    You need to stick to your guns on the freezing issue. Slow response is a hallmark of the HR21 but if the picture freezes or stutters, it can't be so easily written off.

    What is the internal temperature of your DVR?
  4. CCarncross

    CCarncross Hall Of Fame

    Jul 19, 2005
    Just call them back and tell them it wont turn on anymore....when you have one that is definitely not working correctly, it should be a no-brainer ship out a replacement from D* customer service.
  5. harsh

    harsh Beware the Attack Basset

    Jun 14, 2003
    Salem, OR
    You would think so but recent threads suggest otherwise.
  6. hehateme

    hehateme Mentor

    Jan 27, 2008
    I did talk to Protection Plan first and they were not helpful at all.
    Freezing and rebooting on its own along with slow speed was not good enough for a replacement. I will wait a few more days before calling again and use a different approach.
    They did transfer me to customer service and they were to one who offered $15 per month for next 12 months. I did not accept because I may not continue to use them if this issue is not resolved soon.
  7. litzdog911

    litzdog911 Well-Known Member

    Jun 23, 2004
    Mill Creek, WA
    Yep, just tell them it's dead.

    Of course, there's no guarantee about what model replacement you'll get.
  8. JeffBowser

    JeffBowser blah blah blah

    Dec 21, 2006
    This is just sad. The grab bag attitude about replacements is one thing. This is in an entirely different orbit of insanity, forcing someone to keep a bad DVR because it's not totally dead.

    It would not be ethical of me to suggest that smoke and fire situations result in immediate replacement and short phone calls, so I will not say any such thing to you.
  9. hjones4841

    hjones4841 Legend

    Aug 18, 2006
    I went thru quite an ordeal over the past several days with Customer "Disservice." Go straight to Customer Retention. They MAY help you, but still expect some misinformation. Took two long phone calls with retention for me.
  10. smitbret

    smitbret Legend

    Mar 26, 2011
    On a clear weather day, callback and focus ONLY on the Freeze Frame that's happening. Be very specific that you are only concerned about the Freezing up on the DVR'd recordings. Be specific that it doesn't happen on live TV and don't even mention System Slowness; it'll sidetrack an inexperienced CSR.

    Your conversation should go something like this:

    Cust: My DVR is freezing up when I play stuff back
    CSR: Is it happening on Live TV?
    Cust: No and it's just on this one HDDVR.

    Runs the system test, checks weather. Just go along with it and do what they ask.

    CSR: Is it happening on just one recording or several? Is it from just one channel or several
    Cust: Many recordings from lots of different channels.

    Tests Signal and has you check some test channels Just go along with it and do what they ask

    CSR: Well sir, it looks like you need a replacement receiver.........

    That's how it should go down. If it doesn't go down like this, ask for a supervisor. You will get a replacement

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