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  1. BattleZone

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    Nov 13, 2007
    Dish is replacing 921s and 942s with ViP622s, and 811s with ViP211s. The upgrade is free, the new receiver will be leased, there is no commitment, but for many, a tech visit is required to add support for 129 or 61.5 to your system so it will be capable of receiving HD programming.
  2. JPC

    JPC AllStar

    Feb 8, 2005
    My 921 was replaced with a leased 722. My Super Dish was replaced with two Dish 500: one for 110, 119 and one for 61.5. Two DP34 were replaced with one DP44.

    No charge for anything and no contract renewal or "dishin-it-up" required. 722 so far, is excellent. There's occasional pixellation, (mostly on TWC) but overall the picture and signal quality is very good.
  3. rjs

    rjs Mentor

    Jun 15, 2006
    This is what a rep told me this morning online in response to my question about replacement of my owned 811 & dishplayer 7100:

    Please wait while we find a representative to assist you...
    You have been connected to (03) Grace W.
    (03) Grace W: Thank you for choosing Dish Network the leader in DVR and HD. I will be happy to assist you today. Please give me 2-3 minutes to access your account and review the information you have already provided.
    Randy : ok.
    (03) Grace W: Thank you.
    (03) Grace W: Thank you for your patience.
    (03) Grace W: If you do not want to lease the receiver than the only option is you can purchase the HD receiver.
    Currently experiencing network delays, one moment please....
    Network connection re-established.
    Randy : Do you mean I will have to buy a new one to receive programming?
    (03) Grace W: Yes.
    (03) Grace W: You can get the programming with the receivers that you have on your account.
    (03) Grace W: To get the HD programming you have to add new HD receiver.
    Randy : I read where they are to be discontinued.
    Randy : the 811&7100
    (03) Grace W: I am sorry, I did not understand.
    (03) Grace W: You can restart the services with the receivers that you have on your account.
    (03) Grace W: Do you have the equipment?
    Randy : because of the switch over to new encoding.
    Randy : my old equipment will be obsolete?
    Randy : Thanks for your help
    (03) Grace W: Is there another issue that I may assist you with?
    (03) Grace W: You're very welcome.
    Your session has ended. You may now close this window.
  4. puckwithahalo

    puckwithahalo Hall Of Fame

    Sep 2, 2007
  5. rjs

    rjs Mentor

    Jun 15, 2006
  6. 722921

    722921 Legend

    Jan 3, 2008
    Given the quick obsolecence of electronic equipment, why own? Either way, they charge a lease fee or an access fee for owned equipment.
  7. rjs

    rjs Mentor

    Jun 15, 2006
    I just like the idea of ownership even if some say its just an illusion, it's better than rent (never own)!
  8. tthomps

    tthomps Mentor

    Jul 17, 2004
    After almost daily phone messages from Dish, I upgraded my 921 to 722. The 722 was brought in place of a 622 and the dish was upgraded to 1000.2 I had installed the 921 four years ago, upgrading the LNBs, repositioning the dish in the yard (on a cemented metal pole and off of the wooded one), and using quad-shielded RG6 wiring. A DP34 switch output two lines to the 921 and one line to a 301. The 921 worked almost flawlessly for us. About once a month, it started to slow down, and one of us would do a front panel warm boot. Dish gave me $10 for it. Alternatively, I could have taken it to our county recycling center that would have wanted $15 to haul it away.

    The 722 is an improvement, but we do not have a HDTV to take full advantage of the upgrade. The menu is much faster, and I seem to have less pixelization on my OTA channels (my favorite OTA local channel is broadcasting its digital in the VHS range at the tower 65 miles away). We do not use PIP, so I piped the TV2 output to a SDTV LCD in another room. So, we gained a 2nd TV when we are not using tuner 2 to record. I made no change to my Dish package, so our bill stays the same. And supposedly, I will not be charge the $7 lease fee for the 722. I will see on the next bill.
  9. doxieland

    doxieland Duplicate User (Account Closed)

    Mar 25, 2007
    Hi -
    I am feeling lonely here. Does anyone still have the 921? the 622 replacement is in place; dish left our 921 active as a standard def dual tuner (and it's still just as evil-behaving as it had been, maybe more so, even though it's moved to a "casual" use bedroom)

    did anyone else try keeping the 921 active? anyone know how long before it becomes totally non-functional so I can plan for the eventual replacement for it.

    We turned off a 301 to keep the 921 so we'd have dvr technology; however without constant checking and rebooting, it won't record the timers now.

    What will a dual tuner standard def replacement option be and how expensive? And how long do I have before I need to make that change?

    thanks for any info/help!

  10. Grandude

    Grandude RichardParker II

    Oct 21, 2004
    I got rid of my 921 many moons ago but kept the 721 active. Just checked today and it will only get Nasa and Congratulations you have a Dish 500. Guess I better call and have it removed from my active receivers list at Dish. I wonder if they will do it automatically since they now have disabled it.

    I had planned to keep it going for OTA but it doesn't work for that now either.

    Have you tried your 921 today?
  11. doxieland

    doxieland Duplicate User (Account Closed)

    Mar 25, 2007
    Yes, as of nov 1 08, 1:30pm edt - 921 still struggling along. wouldn't it be nice if "they" could provide information regarding the demise timeline - and what's happening - instead of the vague someday.....

    we are/were also hoping to use the OTA on 921 after "the end" but guess that won't be an option either.

    thanks for your info,
  12. puckwithahalo

    puckwithahalo Hall Of Fame

    Sep 2, 2007
    I'm fairly sure it depends upon how long the smart card upgrades end up taking as well as trying to get all the old receivers replaced.
  13. zubee

    zubee New Member

    Nov 8, 2008
    On the bill the line item just says $7 for a "Leased Receiver Fee". So effectively I only pay $2 more when I moved from my 921 to the new 722.

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