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Rumor: DirecTV HD Fall Lineup by satellite

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by Chris Blount, Aug 31, 2004.

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  1. Chris Blount

    Chris Blount Creator of DBSTalk Staff Member Administrator DBSTalk Gold Club

    Jun 22, 2001
    Here is the projected DirecTV HD Fall lineup by satellite.

    1. 119 Hdnet
    2. 119 HBO
    3. 110 Showtime
    4. 110 DiscoveryHD
    5. 110 ESPN
    6. 110 HDNET Movies
    7. 101 CBS-NY
    8. 101 CBS-LA
    9. 101 NBC-NY
    10 101 NBC-LA
    11 119 HD PPV/Spice
    12 110 HD Bravo
    13 101 NFL HD-1 (CBS-1)
    14 101 NFL HD-2 (CBS-2)
    15 110 HD NFL-3 (CBS-3)
    16 110 HD NFL-4 (Fox-1)
    17 119 HD NFL-5 (Fox-2)
    18 119 HD NFL-6 (Fox-3)
    19 119 HD NFL-7 (Fox-4)
    20 119 NFL HD-8 (Fox-5)
    21 119 HD NFL-9 (Fox-6)
    22 101 FOX-NY
    23 101 FOX-LA
    24 Future HD

    NBC up as early as 9/21 but could be as late as 11/15.
  2. Alan Gordon

    Alan Gordon Chancellor

    Jun 7, 2004
    Dawson, Georgia
    That's all?!

  3. DarinC

    DarinC Guest

    Assuming two HD channels per transponder, there isn't room for that many at 110. Currently, 110 is "full" (though often Ch. 84, special events, is dark). Bravo is currently at 119... seems odd that they'd move it, plus two more HD channels to 110, when there's not really room there for it. 101 and 119, OTOH, do have room for more channels.
  4. RAD

    RAD Well-Known Member

    Aug 5, 2002
    Well that's the most depressing news that I've read in a long time. Yes, I'm happy to see all the NFL-ST HD Channels but where's some of the 24x7 channels? I was really hoping to see Starz-HD and TNT-HD at least show up. :mad: :mad: :mad:
  5. BFG

    BFG Hall Of Fame

    Jan 23, 2004
    Well, your list probably has more substance, since you probably have sources, but I like my made up list better :)

    I don't see why they need a channel for each Sunday Ticket games, I'm pretty sure that 4 of the games each week can simply be mirrored from CBS-E/W and Fox-E/W

    So this is what I made up ;)

    1. CBS-E (NFL) - 101°
    2. CBS-W (NFL) - 101°
    3. FOX-E (NFL)
    4. FOX-W (NFL)
    5. NBC
    6. NBC
    7. ESPN - 110°
    8. Bravo
    9. HDNet - 119°
    10. HDNet Movies - 110°
    11. Discovery HD - 110°
    12. HD Events (NFL) - 110°
    13. HD PPV (NFL) - 119°
    14. HBO - 119°
    15. Showtime - 110°
    16. Additional Full Time 1 (ABC-E?)
    17. Additional Full Time 2 (ABC-W?)
    18. Additional Full Time 3 (TNT-HD?)
    19. Additional Full Time 4 (Cinemax-HD?)
    20. Additional Full Time 5 (Starz-HD?)
    21. Additional Full Time 6 (TMC-HD?)
    22. Additional Full Time 7 (NFL Network?)
    23. (NFL Sunday Ticket) - 101°
    24. (NFL Sunday Ticket) - 101°
  6. Alan Gordon

    Alan Gordon Chancellor

    Jun 7, 2004
    Dawson, Georgia
    My list:

    1. CBS-HD East
    2. CBS-HD West
    3. NBC-HD East
    4. NBC-HD West
    5. ABC-HD East
    6. ABC-HD West
    7. FOX-HD East
    8. FOX-HD West
    9. WGN-HD
    10. UPN-HD (a Superstation)
    11. ESPN-HD
    12. BravoHD+
    13. Discovery HD Theater
    14. HDNet Movies
    15. HDNet
    16. HD Events
    17. HD PPV
    18. HBO-HD
    19. Showtime-HD
    20. TNT-HD
    21. Starz-HD
    22. NFL Network-HD

  7. LonghornXP

    LonghornXP Mentor

    Nov 10, 2003
    Rest assured this won't be their fall lineup I promise you that. I will also point out a few errors in this lineup that haven't been pointed out. First of all those 9 channels spots for NFL HD games will have games mirrored from the CBS and Fox East and West feeds. This would be for about 5 games on Sunday at least. The breakdown would be like this below.

    Fox HD East = 2 games
    Fox HD West = 2 games
    CBS HD East = 1 game
    CBS HD West = 1 game.

    Now take this figure and reverse them every week because of the doubleheader rights. This would allow DirecTV to mirror the games from both east and west feeds of CBS and Fox on channels 90-99. So DirecTV would only have to provide on average 3-5 HD feeds every sunday and this can be done by turning off PPV channels. Now the numbers above can and will change because some weeks Fox has less games while other weeks they have many more games on at 1pm than at 4 but for the most part they only need about 2-3 HD channels for NFL coverage because most likely they will be slit up between 1 and 4 so they don't need that bandwidth set aside all at once.

    But at worst case the lineup would be like this below.

    1. 119 Hdnet
    2. 119 HBO
    3. 110 Showtime
    4. 110 DiscoveryHD
    5. 110 ESPN
    6. 110 HDNET Movies
    7. 101 CBS-NY**
    8. 101 CBS-LA**
    9. 101 NBC-NY
    10 101 NBC-LA
    11 119 HD PPV/Spice*
    12 110 HD Bravo
    13 101 NFL HD-1***##
    14 101 NFL HD-2***##
    15 110 HD NFL-3***##
    16 110 TNT HD
    17 119 Starz HD
    18 119 Encore HD
    19 119 InHD 1
    20 119 InHD 2
    21 119 ABC HD NY
    22 101 FOX-NY**
    23 101 FOX-LA**
    24 ABC LA

    Note....(*** means that PPV channels could be turned off and those channels won't be put aside using slots for other fulltime HD channels.)
    (** means that these feeds will at 1 and 4pm every Sunday be mirrored on channels 90-99.)

    (## means that these three channels spots will be used again at 4pm not requireing more bandwidth.)

    * means that I assume that DirecTV would use this HD feed for NFL HD games instead of HD PPV.

    So if we assume that DirecTV would use the PPV HD for 2 NFL Sunday Ticket games at 1 and 4. Now assume that another 5 games between 1 and 4 will be mirrored from CBS and Fox E/W coast feeds. That would be 7 of the 9 games. So that is how I got at 3 HD games but they could still turn off PPV channels if need be but I think it will end up on average being only 2 HD games per week that need more bandwidth beyond the CBS and Fox and HD PPV feeds.

    So with that said all those channels listed above could still offer us everything out there with the more likely chance of having another 3 HD channels if they turn off PPV channels for those HD games.

    I hope I haven't lose you but this isn't what I was told and Chirs Blount you are flat out wrong on this one and I'm sorry I have to tell you this.

    Edit of my post below...

    An earlier poster said that they could use the Special Events bandwidth that currently uses channel 84 but as always bandwidth is bandwidth and isn't limited to a channel number so that bandwidth can be used for HD NFL games as well.

    So between the CBS and Fox NY and LA feeds at 1 and 4pm and the HD PPV and HD special events bandwidth that should almost cover every single HD game without using additional bandwidth using the good old mirroring.

    So from most weeks I see on average 5 games in HD at 1pm. So assume that two of the 5 would be on the PPV and Special Events bandwidth. Now I would very much guess that the other three games will be on the Fox and CBS NY and LA feeds so with that said at worst it would only be one HD game not covered so they turn off another 8 SD PPV channels. I see this only being an issue at 1pm not at 4pm just because the 4pm slot doesn't have enough games to make a difference.

    So I say they can offer everything on my list in addition to say WGN HD, UPN HD and WB HD as well as maybe others because I think that at least we might see a superstation package like others have said that would include both the SD and HD feeds of UPN and WB and I would gladly pay a buck or so for this and others in areas that don't have UPN or WB SD locals will be very happy to get them including HD ones as well.
  8. ehren

    ehren Hall Of Fame

    Aug 2, 2003
    I would get Directv back if they had INHD and INHD2.
  9. Chris Blount

    Chris Blount Creator of DBSTalk Staff Member Administrator DBSTalk Gold Club

    Jun 22, 2001
    No problem. I'm just passing along what was told to me. None of this is set in stone. :)
  10. clueless

    clueless Guest

    Does anyone know if NBC-HD and FOX-HD will be available to subscribers who are in a white area for NBC and FOX SD but who can receive the SD stations via DirecTV? In other words will they be just like CBS-HD? Or will you have to be in an O&O market?
  11. LonghornXP

    LonghornXP Mentor

    Nov 10, 2003
    When I read this I kinda said it harsh and I'm sorry about that even if you didn't take it that way. But I've been told something very different than you heard but even your source couldn't think a News Corp company would not mirror a feed they have bandwidth used for twice. They are about making money not throwing it away and not mirroring the NY and LA feeds would be wasting. Not using the PPV HD and Special Events channel would be wasting as well.

    I think DirecTV would even turn off PPV channels during Sundays if that meant allowing TNT HD and INHD1&2 in thier HD package. DirecTV knows they can't get away with charging 10.99/month for what little they have and they also know that adding InHD 1&2 along with TNT HD would promise them customers.

    They also know that most HD customer will get a premium package if it had an HD channel and most customers who do have a premium package would be less likely to drop it if it had an HD channel along with it.

    But it seems that DirecTV doesn't care about us HD customers because they added Bravo HD+ instead of others but the fact is they were actually thinking of working out all the deals for channels and offering them all at once even if they had deals with other channels for months. They had to think about even offering Bravo HD this early because of just what customers are saying today. Would they be better off to wait and add or add now as they get them.

    They are working with getting more HD channels but these deals won't all get done on the same day or week and quite a bit of these channels are requireing more channel deals.

    For example Starz wants DirecTV to carry both Starz HD and Encore HD as well as other most requested SD channels such as Starz Family, Kids and Cinema.

    For example the Cinemax deal also requires new deals for the SD channels so Cinemax wants DirecTV to add more SD channels such as 5StarMax, @Max, OuterMax, WMax, Thriller Max and such.

    The TNT HD deal may require workings with other channels as well.

    These deals are for the most part not just for HD channels but for both SD and HD channels and these will take longer. I'm not making excuses for DirecTV or any company but this takes time. Now my contacts say that Voom got the premium HD channels much quicker because it was their first deal and starting fresh without having to adjust or void a current contract. Also Bravo HD and TNT HD deals got to Voom quicker simply because DirecTV didn't have enough room to add them and I wouldn't be suprised if these companies wanted DirecTV to add them at a certain date to get the deal and DirecTV couldn't promise this.

    Now I don't know why Voom doesn't have InHD 1 & 2 but it has been available to any company that wanted it and my contact says that DirecTV has been working on this deal and wants it badly because it would give them a great edge going forward.

    Just think in early 2006 that DirecTV using SpaceWay could offer almost every single customer local HD channels including local RSN HD feeds.

    Now add that DirecTV has a 10.99/month HD package with HDNet, HDNet Movies, Discovery HD Theater, ESPN HD, Bravo HD+, TNTHD and InHD 1&2.

    Now add they have as premium channels the following HD feeds.
    HBO HD, Showtime HD, Cinemax HD, Star HD and Encore HD.

    Now add that they have a good selection of PPV HD movies and events. Now add that they could have all NFL Sunday Ticket games in HDTV by than.

    You just tell me what other company could really beat this and I would have to say it would be hard to beat. But that InHD fills in the voids quite nicely doesn't it.

    Now add an HDTivo or similiar HD recording device for under 500 bucks or for rent with all that HD goodness and who could beat them.

    I'm saying this now that in early 2006 all of us will be shocked at what we have with DirecTV and quite a bit of you might laugh at me today but you will be screaming HD love in a few years.
  12. DarinC

    DarinC Hall Of Fame

    Aug 31, 2004
    Looking at his list again, I don't think it suggests that it couldn't include mirroring. It's numbered 1-24... which I think the whole point of the list is to show a large number of HD channels (meeting the magical rumoured 24 channels). That doesn't mean that they're 24 simultaneous channels, and that some of them don't share transponders. Of course, I think listing the ST channels multiple times is a bit disingenuous, but that's another topic. :)
  13. n8dagr8

    n8dagr8 Resident Rounder DBSTalk Gold Club

    Aug 14, 2004
    Has anyone seen the TNT-HD and E* contract? Do we know that they don't have an exclusive agreement for say a year or so? Not sure how comon that is in this industry but if I were D*'s competition I would want to keep them from getting something like that (it really is a deal breaker when it comes to who you will get service through). I know I do it too (wishing for TNT-HD) but seeing that Chris is usually correct when he post something I'm guessing that D* is going to focus more on locals in HD than network stuff. This of coarse sucks for me because I am restricted by terrain and the CBS station owner is a prick. So whatever HD I get I get over the satellite (which is okay because Fox and NBC are O&O here)
  14. Un-lucky

    Un-lucky Guest

    I guess you never heard of Voom huh??? They carry TNT-HD
  15. Rick P

    Rick P AllStar

    Jun 29, 2002
    Well, that ranks as one of the more useless lineups I've seen...

    9 channels that aren't in the HD pack and cost extra (NFL)
    6 channels that most people can't even get (HD nets)

    a net gain of 1 channel (BravoHD) to the HD pack and maybe one more...

    where's TNT? STARZ? CINEMAX? InHD? How about WB/UPN HD (or regular even)??

    absolutely useless
  16. AndyMorrison

    AndyMorrison Guest

    They can't use the Fox and CBS HD channels as mirrors for ST. On ST the whole game is shown on the channel. On the NY and LA network affiliates they may cut from one game to another if the first gets boring or uncompetitive or if a locally significant game starts before the previous one has ended. For that reason the ST feeds will have to be dedicated.
  17. Fredfa

    Fredfa AllStar

    Mar 27, 2003
    What is useless to you, Rick P, is a potential marketing bonanza for DirecTV.
    Do you think they don't know to the thousandth of a percentage point, the percentage of people who would pay extra for Starz HD or Cinemax HD?
    And they also know that adding NBC and Fox (and presumably ABC) HD feeds makes them competitive in from 30-40% of the nation's households.
    That's 20.1 million to 26.8 million potential cable subs who COULD become DirecTV customers if they get their network feeds in HD.
    You want them to settle for a potential of 3-4% who want Starz?
    Frankly, I'd like WGN HD and InHD, too.
    But to claim DirecTV's marketing plan is "useless" shows more about you than about D*.
    So far, in less than a year of running DirecTV, the new management has already come up with three of the four biggest quarters for sub growth in satellite history.
    And they have only been in charge for those three quarters.
    They are clearly doing something right that millions of people don't find useless at all.
  18. John Walsh III

    John Walsh III AllStar

    Apr 27, 2002
    I don't think they can get INHD as it is advertised as a cable only channel.
  19. bonscott87

    bonscott87 Cutting Edge: ECHELON '07

    Jan 21, 2003
    And how many times must it be pointed out that INHD is available to any and all providers that want to carry it? D* or E* or V* could have INHD if they want to pay for it. Currently it *is* on cable only, but only because none of the sat providers have paid up...yet.
  20. Rick P

    Rick P AllStar

    Jun 29, 2002
    why don't you take your personal affronts somewhere else...

    I said, and I say again that ranks as one of the more useless lineups I've seen...

    local stations are not giving digital wavers, even if they aren't broadcasting digital.. to the white areas, good, to the majority of the subscribers - useless.

    contrary to popular belief, the world does not revolve around football - the 9 channels being given over to that give ZERO benefit to the 'general' HD Pack subscriber - useless.

    and after all that, to dangle one channel with the vauge promise of one more is more than useless.. it's an insult.

    D* has not added enough channels in the past year to mean JACK. People have wanted HBO Comedy, Showtime Beyond, WB/UPN supers for YEARS.. I talk to CSRs that say that HBO Comedy and Showtime Beyond are among the top requested channels... you seen them on there?? No, but you sure can get more SHOPPING CHANNELS and TV GUIDE CHANNELS.

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