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Discussion in 'DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion' started by BreadDawg, Dec 2, 2018.

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    Very inexperienced when it comes to running wires, and satellite equip, etc. I have an HR 54 with 2 C61's. When I signed up for my DTV I was given a 3rd C61, so I can have 4 rooms at no extra charge. Therefore I have a spare C61 brand new in the package. So, my question is what do I need to do to run a line outside to my patio? Do I have a powered splitter I would go off of? Just trying to cover all my bases-if I need to get a new splitter for 4 rooms, how much is that, and how much would about 50 ft of coaxial cost? Is it as easy as that? Or am I better off calling DTV and getting them to do it? what would they charge me? Also, my bill shouldn't go up at all if I already have the box and am given the 4th room at no extra charge correct? Thanks for the help guys.
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    cable - from Fry's or Home Depot, splitter - eBay or SolidSignal
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    Follow the coax from the dish to a splitter someplace. From there you should see the coax lines going to your existing locations. If there is an unused port on that splitter, then just running the line to your new location is all you should need to do. If there is not an open port, then you will need to replace that splitter with one that has more ports on it (in which case, you must be careful to hook the power passing port up the same as on the old splitter).

    As to your monthly bill, it depends on whether or not that third C61 was activated or not. Check and see how many viewing locations you are being billed for. You will probably have to call DirecTV to get that C61 activated, and that will probably add another $7 to your monthly bill.
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    One possible option would be to contact Directv and see if you could trade that C61 for a C61W wireless model. Generally people will recommend against wireless clients since they are more prone to trouble, but for something like a patio it might be a better option since you wouldn't have to leave wires laying around that might be tripped over (unless the patio isn't poured yet and you have the option to run wire in conduit underneath the concrete)
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    Thanks for the advice guys. Well, seems it’s my lucky day. Called DTV and they said since my account was setup for 4 rooms, and since I already have the client, they will do the install all at no charge.
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