Samsung JS8500 and an AVR That Works Correctly?

Discussion in 'Home Theater Audio' started by Rich, Aug 19, 2016.

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    Does anyone with a Samsung JS8500 (or a similar Samsung 4K TV) have an AVR that works correctly when connected to the Samsung TV? I've tried 3 Sony AVRs and 1 Denon and had similar problems with all of them. I can't get a Sony AVR to work correctly unless I set the HDMI control to "Off". The ages of 2 of my Sony AVRs don't seem to be the problem, a brand new 1070 had the same issue.

    So, that's two 4K AVRs that haven't worked correctly and 2 older Sony AVRs that all seem to have the same problems. I'm hoping to get some help, I'm not gonna buy another AVR until I know what's going on.

    The reason I think the Samsung TV is at fault is the fact that my two older AVRs work correctly with my Panasonic plasma TVs. I never had to shut off the HDMI control until I got the Samsung TV. Never had a problem, didn't expect this to happen.

    Any help or guidance would be most appreciated.


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