Satellite HD and Large UHD TV’s ... do you do it?

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    I don’t expect this will settle the ‘calibrate’ or ‘no calibrate’ debate, nor what set is best ‘out of the box’ or period, but a new review of my 900F came out today and when I read the part below it reminded me of this discussion. With what Andrew says below, I see some room on both sides of the discussion. He found colors spot on out of the box, but he also found improvements by calibrating further, it seems as a professional calibrator and reviewer he adjusts every set after an initial watch, but before critical viewing.

    ... “Out of the box, the Sony ships with its Standard picture profile engaged, which you're not going to want to utilize. I switched to Sony's Custom profile and measured its out-of-the-box performance using my C6 light meter and CalMAN software. Straight away, the Custom profile has some of the most accurate colors I've ever measured out of the box. In truth, they were bang on, and all under the acceptable margin of error (Delta E) calibrators strive for. The greyscale. on the other hand. wasn't as shipshape, with a decidedly blue bias throughout. Thankfully, and with very little effort, the greyscale was able to be brought into near perfect alignment, making the X900F, like its OLED brethren, one of the more accurate displays I've had the pleasure of calibrating.”

    Here’s the full review:
    Sony X900F Ultra HD LED Smart TV Reviewed
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    I wonder how good the smartphone apps for calibration are compared to the equipment he's using? Anyone ever seen a comparison done?

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