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SBCA Blasts Must-Carry

Discussion in 'Archive' started by -, Dec 28, 2001.

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    On Thursday, the president of the Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association criticized must-carry rules for satellite TV, but praised EchoStar and DirecTV for obeying the unpopular mandates.

    "The SBCA remains firm in its belief that the satellite must-carry provision of the Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act is unconstitutional," SBCA's Andy Wright said. "Nonetheless, we are pleased that both EchoStar and DirecTV have announced that they will be able to comply with the rules by the Jan. 1, 2002 deadline."

    The must carry rules limit EchoStar and DirecTV's ability to continue the rollout of local-into-local service into small and underserved markets, thus limiting competition in those areas, Wright said.

    That's why SBCA believes one of the compelling benefits to a proposed merger between EchoStar and DirecTV is that more consumers will "enjoy the choice and competition provided by local-into-local service," Wright said.

    "EchoStar and DirecTV have promised that the merged company will expand local-into-local service from the about 40 cities today to more than 100 cities nationwide," he said. "That would mean more than 85 percent of American households would have access to local-into-local service via satellite."

    From <a href="http://www.skyreport.com" target=none>SkyReport</a> (Used with permission)

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