Scare but happy ending.

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    Mar 13, 2005
    I had a bit of an issue with my 921 (or what I thought was an issue with it).

    Cartoon Network (176) on one of the tuners would get flaky. This mainly happened when moving from 174 to 176. The CSR told me that change was moving from one sat to another. The picture would freeze and sound would beep like an 80's video game.

    I was very discouraged and thought that I would need a swapout and I would lose a season and a half of Heroes and about 4 episodes of BSG.

    I told the CSR I would call back because I was going to try a few things that I should have before calling. So when this last weekend came I experimented.

    First, to my relief I was able to "move" the problem between the two tuners by switching the inputs. I was overjoyed when I then realized that it wasn't a problem with the receiver.

    Second, my next goal was to check as to whether it was one of the cable surge protectors I use. Well, eliminating them one at a time led me to see that one was actually bad. I had a spare in my setup so that worked out. All is normal again.

    I can look at this one of two ways. Either the cable surge was just plain bad, or two: It did its job and stopped a horrible surge. Thankfully it wasn't a problem with the receiver or the line installation.

    I haven't posted in a while. So it's nice to be back. I know the 921 still has some issues that some are suffering through, but overall since around L276 my machine has stabilized. I'm not sure if one of the updates fixed a purported hard drive cluster size problem that was causing many skips and dropouts? Bear in mind I don't record any HD with this receiver. I purchased it at the time when it was the only dual tuner DVR that Dish offered for sale.

    Like you folks, I'm willing to hang with this receiver until they tell me MPEG-2 is dead and will be broadcast no more. My plan would be to perhaps upgrade in a few years when I feel the need to by a large HD-TV. I don't have that urge now. My 36in tube set gets a beautiful clear picture with S-Video input and it's only under 4 years old, so I should get a little more mileage out of it.

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