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Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by zippyfrog, Nov 21, 2018.

  1. zippyfrog

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    Jul 14, 2010
    This is something I have wondered about... how is the SEC Network setup? Are there two different feeds of it? Or are there more?

    Reason I ask is on Dish, there is the standard SEC Network on channel 408, then there are the alternate channels 596 and 597. But I can't recall recently when 597 was used. I feel like the first year there might have been a single game, but even that is blurry. So I am trying to figure out what the purpose of 597 is...when games have run long on SEC Network of 596, they next game has been advertised as starting on SEC Network + through the ESPN app, not on an alternate or overflow channel.

    Just curious on how many feeds of SEC Network is. I don't have DirecTV but from when I have been at a friends house who has it, I feel like there is only SEC Network and 1 alternate channel...

    Also, for people who don't have satellite and have cable. Does the main SEC network channel on cable always show the team in the area? For example, last week Liberty at Auburn was on SEC Alternate on Dish. If I were in the Auburn area and had cable, would the Auburn game have been on the main SEC Network channel? Or even with cable, would I have to find the alternate channel?
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    As to DirecTV:

    SEC Network, channel 611, is a 24/7/365 channel.

    SEC Network alternate, channel 611-1, is a games only channel this is only active when the network has two games at once. Common on college football saturdays, with a very few random college basketball days as well.

    Both channels are national, where you live has nothing to do with it. If you live in Kentucky, then Kentucky-Georgia is on SECN and Missouri-Florida is on SECN Alt. And you get both. If you live in Florida, it is exactly the same.

    And the Alt channel is used for pre-planed times when there are two games at once. Not really designed for deals where games run long.

    SEC Plus is just a rebranding of ESPN3 internet feeds. Used to feed mostly minor sports and blowout basketball on the internet.
  3. zippyfrog

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    Jul 14, 2010
    Thanks - so DirecTV is exactly the same as Dish in that regard. Except for Dish has two SEC Alternate channels.

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