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Select Choice is still available for new activations

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by -, Mar 10, 2002.

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    I switched down to Select Choice today.
    The thing is you have to specifically ask for Select Choice or else the CSR will say that Total Choice is the minimum package available (a lie). Limited Plus is no longer available.

    NFL Sunday Ticket and Phoenix TV (Chinese) dont require a base package to be taken. Local Channels do require a base package now to be taken (for new activation).

    Select Choice is available but next month its price will increase to $24.99/mo.
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    Thanks Brett, well, looks like I'll be adding it back to the Package Comparison Chart. Any word on if Opcion Especial, the $19.99 Spanish Package is still available to new subs?
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    I subscribe to the Select Choice Pacage and the Music Choice Channels. I pay $11.45 a month for everything.

    I have received no notice of a pricing change for this package. If it does go up I will cancel DirecTV. I like the Music Choice channels and enjoy the FreeViews that DirecTV offers. I only have 1 DirecTV receiver.
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