Setup HR24 & RVU TV As Simultaneous Client & DVR?

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Installation/MDU Discussion' started by mjd180, Dec 8, 2018.

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    I’ve had a setup with an HR 54 downstairs & an HR 24 upstairs. The HR 54 server is connected to the home network via wi-fi from the upstairs router.

    Although the HR 24 is/can be accessed via ‘Whole Home ‘ (& vice-versa), I no longer want to use it for anything other than “storage” for periodic recording/playback. Instead I want to use the RVU capable tv next to it as my primary interface (without a new physical Genie client, preferably).

    As an experiment, I used the still connected/“other”/redundant coax line from the old LNB splitter in the garage below to hook up to the RVU tv, along with a direct ethernet connection to said tv (while leaving the HR 24 connected with the other - in the hopes of switching back & forth between the two).

    The tv recognizes the HR 54 as being a server on the network & goes to the screen where it asks for the PIN being supplied by the HR 54.

    I add this connection as a client with the PIN supplied & then the RVU tv asks to create a new location. The setup quickly ends with a screen titled ‘Network Health Test’, where it lists an error (diag code 54-829) of “home network interference problem” (detailing that ot can’t “test” & suggests “restarting the server” - which leads to nothing).

    Instead of choosing “test again”, I opt to “continue”. This leads to a message telling me that I have “reached the max # of locations for my account” & must call customer service to do so. Finally, it lists the attempted new location details of my tv & its MAC adress.

    I’m trying to avoid a truck roll &, obviously, any more/minimal new fees to the account.

    I came very late to the Genie era (the downstairs had its own HR 24 less than a year ago) however &, despite much research, am not sure of exactly how to proceed.

    My best guesses thus far are to buy a BB DECA adapter, integrating it into my setup in some form, & then calling Directv to “activate” it from their end. Or, even better, calling to eliminate the two current physical access card receiver locations from the account & adding the RVU tv as a client (either way, I’m suspecting the tv will either have to be paid for & added as a 3rd/“new location” &/or I will have to pay some sort of monthly RVU access fee. I’m not sure how much either/both would cost.

    Anyway, thanks for reading, & I hope to/will very much welcome receipt of any/all helpful input and suggestions as far as to what my options are.

    Thanks again!
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    If you add your TV as an RVU, you'll get hit with a third box and another $7 per month. Many here don't recommend using an RVU. Seems most of the TV manufacturers don't update the software -- even less than DIRECTV.

    I'm not sure I understand why you want to do this. I'd just keep the HR24. You can still do all your recordings on the HR54 and just use the 24 for playing recordings from the 54. And save $7 per month.

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