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Should I buy dishplayer 7200?

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Mar 21, 2002.

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  1. Guest

    I want buy a second receiver, and I'm thinking about buying 7200. I heard that it has a lot of bugs, but it has some good features. I want to buy it from ebay.
    What do you think? Should I buy it?
    Here is what I'm thinking of buying, something like that. cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI...URL=0&rd=1
  2. Guest

    Hi, welcome to DBSTalk.
    It is a buggy unit, a couple of our Admins here have a dishplayer, so I'll let them answer that question. :)
  3. Guest

    I can't tell you about the DP because I don't own one.

    I will caution you about buying secondhand recievers, though... be sure that the balance owed on the receiver, if any, is paid. Also, make sure that the unit has been "released" for sale by dish. If the seller doesn't know if there is a balance, and they weren't the original owner, don't buy.
  4. Guest

    I know everything about buying second hand receivers, thanks any ways.:)
    I need to know if DP is a good product.
  5. Guest

    The Dishplayer would be a great unit, IF it worked like it was supposed to (and use too)

    The problem is the software being used now is major buggy. At least once a week you will find that something has gone wrong, such as switch errors, no information screen, blinkouts, suprise guide downloads, erased programs and non recorded programs.

    I still have mine, but I would love to hit it with a shotgun.

    Should you buy it? It depends what your tollerance levels are, if you expect it to work all the time, stay FAR away. If you like to tinker, it does make a neat tinker toy. if you have a wife who wants to use it to record shows also stay away. That last one is a tip to keep you from getting devorced. :D
  6. Guest

    Yeah I guess so. With my family, maybe I'll get few minutes of recording time or I'll have to buy 100gig hard drive:mad: (. But the main reason I was interested, in this receiver, is the PTV functions. Is it really that buggy? If PTV works fine I will buy it. So?
  7. Guest

    When it works it is great. The ideal way to watch TV. But it is buggy and it can be exasperating.

    I love it because it makes TV easy to watch. The PTV and PVR fuctionality are wonderful. But when you have to reboot, run switch checks, and remember which code cuts down on the length of your menu vs. which messes with your channel list well the simplicity argument goes out the window.
  8. Guest

    Thats the problem the PVR functions are buggy, as a satellite receiver itself its not to bad, but as a PVR its a 50 50 shot what you want to record will actually record.
  9. Guest

    Get it if the price is cheap enough (under $150. + shipping?) and if the listing terms make sense for you.

    A Dishplayer can be something of a crapshoot.

    I like mine a lot and have only had to deal with minor glitches which have been consistently fixable through the menu's and have not required reset codes. I paid $175. for it from a dealer as a new but open box unit.

    Other people have told tales of great woe!

    FYI, I used to have a 7100 which worked well which I sold at one of these Forums for $25. It had a universal remote (not the original) and the keyboard was not included. My price was low, true, but often you can find better deals at these Forums than on eBay.
  10. Guest

  11. Guest

    Thats a good deal, not so sure if Id want one of those units but maybe youll get lucky and get a problem free DP, good luck with the auction. I see your currently the highest bidder with less then a half an hour to go. Im abaout to buy something on Ebay myself in a few hours, a new VCR.
  12. Guest

    Congrads on winning the DP, the VCR I want just went up $13 :(
  13. Guest

    Thanks, I won. I would like to thank everyone who helped me today!!!:) I finally got the DP. I hope it's problem free! Best regards to everyone.
    Have a good night.
  14. Guest

    Congrats on winning the Dishplayer! It looks like a fair deal.

    Please let us know after you have it set up whether or not you have any problems.

    Best wishes.
  15. Guest

    Thanks again. Sure, I'll let everyone know right away.
  16. Guest

    That's about what I sold mine for. My Mom has one and she has to do a check switch once in awhile. she really likes it though. I have heard about dish giving free PTV to new 7200 activated unit's. You might want to inquire about that. There is a rumor of a bug fix coming. you will have to wait and see. I wish you the best of luck. I had a Dp for a year and 1/2 and it worked great for 1/2 the time. :)
  17. jgoggan

    jgoggan Hall Of Fame/Supporter DBSTalk Gold Club

    Apr 2, 2002
    What exactly is involved with doing this? I'm about to buy a DishPVR 501 setup -- and likely sell my current EchoStar 3900 unit on EBay or something. After I've cancelled that unit/card, do I need to tell Dish that I'm going to sell it? Any problems/hassles with them with that? Or is it just a matter of letting them know for some reason?
  18. geneb11

    geneb11 Legend

    Mar 24, 2002
    You have to call dish and give them the S00 and R00 #'s and make sure there is no balance owed on the card. If you are selling your unit. You have to transfer balance to another card or pay the balance.

    example: I have two receiver's when I sold my dishplayer I transfered the balance to my 2nd receiver's card making that my primary, and they cleared the card and released the unit. When Buying a unit make sure the seller did this. or you will have to pay his balance to use the unit. Be very carefull when buying used receiver's.
    (BTW) When buying if they tell you the unit has a brand new virgin card(not original) don't buy it. It probably has a high balance owed on it. In their system (E*) The card (S00) and receiver(R00) are married. don't be fooled. ask for the #'s when buying.
  19. jgoggan

    jgoggan Hall Of Fame/Supporter DBSTalk Gold Club

    Apr 2, 2002
    So -- with the numbers, can I just call Dish and ask that they are clear with no balance? Do they commonly answer questions like that no problem?

    - John...
  20. geneb11

    geneb11 Legend

    Mar 24, 2002
    Yup, just as long as you have both #'s. Best time to call is during the day. :)
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